Travel Agencies – Tourism Catalysts

Travel Agencies – Tourism Catalysts

By: marysmith

A travel agency is a retail group that sells tickets, accommodation, packages and options to people wishing to take a holiday or go on a business trip, on behalf of suppliers. Such suppliers may include airlines, automobile rental, cruises, hotels, railways tours and sightseeing tours. In addition to coping with general travelers, most travel agencies also have a separate division devoted to executing travel arrangements and preparations for business traveler. You may also find that some travel agencies are global having smaller offices in more than one country around the globe for better communication and to provide their customers with first class travel experience.

When you start planning your trip you will find that there are different kinds of agencies available. There are ones that form a large nationwide chains, usually owned by throughout the world conglomerates, like Thomson Getaways, now a subsidiary of TUI AG, the German multinational and Flight Center. These places usually offer tours through a much more discounted rate as they are able to obtain discount rates for bulk travel purchases. Then there are the smaller private agencies which deal more with what is more popular in their area and also give customers a better one on one service which is also more specific to your needs. For example if you wished to take a trip to a particular sporting event it’s probably wiser to reach out to your local agent whereas if you want to go on a tour around Europe or a cruise then the bigger company would be of greater advantage.

A travel agent is definitely a person you need to consult who can focus on undertaking trip preparations on behalf of you. At events such as travel expos, the companies representatives from the travel agency may also be of advantage and offer you insights and information on traveling tips and travel guides. Remember they have access to the ticket wholesalers so be nice.

So whether you plan to take a short distance trip interstate or take a long holiday to the other side of the world, consulting an expert in the field is one of the first things you should do. You must keep your travel plans and options open and also make sure you haven’t left anything out.  agents are not just people that organize your flights and accommodation but they also go through a list of things that you may need to prepare for before visiting certain countries such as visas, travel insurance and local time and cultural differences.

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