Top 3 Platforms SaaS Founders Should Get On

Top 3 Platforms SaaS Founders Should Get On

By: marysmith

In recent years its been realized that SaaS is a very profitable business model when done correctly.

More and more people are willing to invest in technologies that make their lives easier, automate menial tasks, and allow them the space to grow at scale; and something tells us that; that would not be the case if a business is having to perform the menial tasks themselves. Spending countless hours doing a task that could have been done within minutes by a SaaS solution.

The profitability in SaaS is unparalleled as a SaaS sells the same digital product to countless customers; to maintain the same their tech stack needs to be in place.

What’s even difficult is to get yourself among the right audience. You cannot apply the traditional marketing strategies to sell a SaaS product.

A SaaS Startup demands novel strategies that can help them stand apart from the crowd.

One of the greatest strategies that SaaS founders can leverage to accomplish this is to leverage special platforms that can help them do just that.

Here is the list of the platforms that SaaS founders should leverage.


Indiehackers is an incredible platform that is built for SaaS founders to discuss their product, showcase their product and engage with their laser-targeted ideal customer.

A SaaS founder can create his profile, upload his product on Indiehackers and contribute content in and around his product’s niche.

The kind of content he will put will attract the right tribe, Indiehacker allows you to put article or text post and then people can engage with your content via comments, the comment thread itself acts as content then.

Posts getting maximum upvotes makes it to the homepage and hence get more awareness.

The platform allows SaaS founders to add their podcasts, present their interviews, and host meetups too.

Indiehackers really is the place where SaaS meets its ideal customer in the most beautiful way imaginable. In many ways, you can think of Indiehackers as a funnel for your SaaS product it’s been rigged that way.

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Substack is a unique platform that SaaS founders can use to generate massive awareness about their product.

Substack is a blogging platform but not just a blogging platform it comes with an incredibly useful add-on.

That add-on is the newsletter functionality.

I mean haven’t you noticed that email newsletters have become hot again?

More often than not SaaS newsletters are something that people look forward to seeing in their inbox because of the massive value it provides you.

When someone subscribes to your substack all the content that you are pumping there is shared in that person’s email inbox.

Substack also takes care of designing and formatting the email to make it more appealing.

What’s in it for You?

You get to collect the email addresses with consent and connect to the right tribe.

Remember this isn’t Medium or WordPress Blog you aren’t doing SEO you want to create micro-content keeping your ideal audience in mind forget about search engine bots for a while. (P.S. This doesn’t mean that SEO isn’t in play; it very much is. You will receive a lot of subscribers from search too)

Growth Hackers

Another amazing community that SaaS founders need to be on is Growth Hackers.

Come to think of it, Growth Hackers is quite synonymous with SaaS.

Using a SaaS is in many ways a growth hack for organization in ways it makes the organizations productive. 

And in turn a lot of SaaS startups have gone volatile as a consequence of leveraging some unique growth hack that allowed them to grow high with leaps and bounds.

In the Growth Hackers, community SaaS Founders can share growth-centric blog content from their SaaS website blog that you believe has the potential to gain traction on Growth Hackers.

If your SaaS startup has had a breakthrough in terms of growth then you can also submit that story as growth studies they have a dedicated section for that.

Apart from that Growth Hackers also holds AMAs, Q&A’s and a dedicated section to submit ideas.

Be found among the right audience by leveraging the already built audience on Growth Hacker Community,

People are always on the lookout for an amazing SaaS product that can help them scale faster and they are searching for such solutions in communities like Growth Hacker.

As a SaaS founder if you aren’t leveraging these platforms then you are missing out on a lot you have got to be on this platform to network with people that care about your product.

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