Top 10 Tips For Beginners in CS 1.6

Top 10 Tips For Beginners in CS 1.6

By: marysmith

Everyone who starts to be interested in some new game doesn’t always know its features. Today we want to tell you the top 10 tips to help you experience the game in a new way. Tips will be based not only on the mechanics of the game, but also on the relationship with admins or players.

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Tip 1.

Before you go to the server – train. This is advice not only for young people, but also for the old school. Never hurts to kill bots a couple of rounds. This is a common setup before the game. Go into ks, press “New Game”, choose a map and start.

Tip 2.

Buy a good microphone. Do not think that it will cost a lot. The most common from aliexpress about 2-3 dollars. Microphone is important when playing in a team or dealing with controversial situations. Through him you can say that the enemy had a bomb on the B or the player with the nickname “Potato” cheater.

Tip 3.

Shooting is different on each server and computer. If you play on different servers and one of them shoots better, it’s their problem, not yours. Provided you like both servers, try to negotiate with the main administrator to help the second server adjust the shooting. From experience, I say that the chief admins are not always happy to such requests, but you can play cool on two servers if you get it.

Tip 4.

Make friends. It would seem that when we downloaded the counter-strike, we were important game, not communication. But in this game, things are different. People do not come to play, but to communicate. There is no tense atmosphere, no battle for ratings. Everyone is playing for fun. So make friends in KC 1.6 is not difficult. You only need to start communicating.

Tip 5.

Administrator is my friend. In continuation of Tip 4, we want to say about the relationship with the admins on the server. It would be cool if at least one of them is your friend. After all, admins are directly related to the owner of the server. So we can get some goodies. Maybe be able to get a privilege or unbanning in a controversial situation.

Tip 6.

Try to create his dream config. Do not be fooled by advertising that this config professional player. Such people have played with the usual config, which changed only the speed of the mouse, and the main buttons. The rest was standard. Your task is just to adjust these two parameters and live with ease.

Tip 7.

Where are the lags coming from, bro? It may not be so unambiguous. There are two reasons, and who is to blame is not always clear. The first – you and your Internet or computer. To computer does not pull CS 1.6, it must be a calculator. But the Internet can easily ruin the game. Check the speed of the Internet during the lag, you may need to call your provider and ask what’s wrong.

The second reason is the server settings. The game server itself receives Internet from the same provider as you. The provider can also reduce the speed. Or the server settings themselves were not made correctly. In this case, write to the creator of the server and advise to look at the settings, or look for another server.

Tip 8.

While you do not have as much experience playing, listen to more experienced players. It often happens that the team leader asks to go with him to point A. But you decide to go the other way with the bomb. This breaks the tactics of the game and your team loses. As long as you are a beginner, listen to why such commands are given, so that you can better understand the strategy of the game.

Tip 9.

Don’t forget about rest. As sad as it is, you can’t just download counter-strike 1.6 and play 24/7. It can lead to the deterioration of health. It is best to play for 1-2 hours and take a break for 30 minutes. During this time you can eat or do a warm-up.

Tip 10.

Every player should know one thing – cheats are evil. If you have the idea of trying them on yourself, it will be impossible without them. Cheats are like drugs. On our builds ks 1.6 cheats do not work, because we stand for fair and honest play.

As a Result

At this point our tips for beginners to play ks 1.6 finished. Please write in the comments what advice was the most useful and interesting. There will be another article that will tell you the best commands for the game that simplify the game.

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