The Spread of Coronavirus Conspiracy on Social Media

The Spread of Coronavirus Conspiracy on Social Media

By: marysmith

Recently, Coronavirus has been the topic of many Coronavirus conspiracy theories. Many people have posted links to Coronavirus conspiracies in their My Space and Facebook pages to attack the brand.

Many believe that Coronavirus is a symbol for the Global Energy War currently brewing throughout the World.

In this post, we’re going to dive right into the coronavirus conspiracy and just how the spread of misinformation/disinformation plays a hefty role. By the end of this, you’re going to know exactly where to go to get the facts.

The Start of Coronavirus Conspiracy

Coronavirus conspiracy theories started after the first outbreak of the pandemic in Pakistan. This created a panic in the Western World and caused a flurry of research into why exactly the pandemic was happening.

After conducting some research, it was found out that Coronavirus was responsible for the Pakistani pandemic.

The link to Coronavirus came from an email that went around between one of the Pakistani scientists and one of the scientists from Bill Gates’ foundation.

In the email, the scientist warned Gates about the possible global pandemic that would happen. Gates then stated that he was “very concerned” about the pandemic’s possibility and wanted to investigate the whole situation further.

Soon, the search engine results spiked for Coronavirus and Bill Gates.

This all came about after one scientist uploaded his video to YouTube linking to the Coronavirus conspiracy theory.

There are other videos out there with the same topics, but YouTube seems to be where these conspiracy theories are floating around the most.

Serious Allegations Require Hard Evidence

Some people have stated that the Coronavirus conspiracy theories are a joke, but some will simply not take anything seriously.

One such conspiracy theorist that is mentioned frequently on blogs and message boards is Steve Krenz.

He is a conspiracy theorist who believes that a massive pandemic is co-occurring as the movie “Avatar” released in theaters.

Krenz has also stated that there is no cure for the virus that is responsible for Coronavirus.

The problem with these Coronavirus conspiracy theories is that they are spreading like wildfire across the internet.

Many people will watch one YouTube video, read one blog entry, and then go forward to visit the next link just to be sure that they are correct.

The fact is that this is exactly what the Coronavirus promoters want people to do; they want to see the epidemic becoming more common so that they can raise funds for their organization.

However, some of these allegations are so serious that they would qualify as crimes against humanity.

And in order to charge a party with that, we’re going to need concrete findings and data.

We certainly can’t rely on a handful of memes to get the job done in that instance.


The premise of a coronavirus conspiracy theory is based on the premise that if a hospital parking lot or waiting room is empty, the pandemic is real, and must be real – or at least as real as health officials and the media report.

Coronavirus conspiracy theories fall into two categories: pandemics that are real and wildly exaggerated, or viruses that are so dangerous that they destabilize the US, or coronaviruses that do not exist.

Other Conspiracy Theories

There are equally implausible ideas circulating, some of them derived from government-sponsored content or – dusted down – summarized in cross-sections, from news media coverage of the September 11 terrorist attacks to the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

Like many conspiracy theories, the idea that there is a correlation between 5G, a coronavirus, and a pandemic requires many logical leaps.

So perhaps it is inevitable that the conspiracy theory – that 5G is for evil, that it is a biological weapon – will be grafted on to each other.

Final Word on Coronavirus Conspiracy

Why the organizers model the effects of coronaviruses in contrast to other diseases is again the result of either a conspiracy or a coincidence.

There is still much unknown about these viruses, and this lack of understanding can create a vacuum that is all too easily filled with conspiracy theories and misinformation.

The speed of social media has created an echo chamber for skepticism and conspiracy theories.

Fortunately, there are tools available to people that will stop the spread of Coronavirus conspiracy.

Let’s face it. Gone are the days of using YouTube and social media platforms as a place to gather information and decide for yourself what’s real and what’s fake in terms of true Coronavirus data.

But it’s important to realize that in the midst of all the censorship, there are still companies that are fighting for our human rights worldwide and believe in open, censorship-free Internet across the planet!

Mysterium Network is ready to shed the light on actual COVID data. Not to mention, they’re offering the world’s first decentralized VPN.

This is your gateway to reading between the lines and taking all the info that gets circulated online with a grain of salt.

Isn’t it time that you learn the truth about the Coronavirus conspiracy?.

With this information, we can then use the power of education to further eliminate false claims and propaganda from the internet.

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