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Apple cbook 12in m7 – A Fantastic Option, But Hard To Fit Into Work

Apple has upgraded its cbook 12in m7 with the 2016 version with 12th-generation Intel processors as well as the ability to last up to 10 hours on battery. It is available in rose gold, along with the classic silver gold, Space Gray. The latest MacBook 12in m7 will weigh 13.1mm in thickness and weigh only […]

The Mac book 12in M7- A Review In 2022 To Help You Understand Its Features

This 12-inch MacBook makes a perfect device for college and high school students, particularly for its flexibility and portability. It is still the lightest and most compact MacBook Apple has ever made. It is impressive because Apple put the most features they could into a machine. That was as elegant as this, with only a […]

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