SolusVM vs Virtualizor | Comparison of the Two VPS Control Panel

SolusVM vs Virtualizor | Comparison of the Two VPS Control Panel

By: marysmith

So, you are starting your VPS hosting company and looking to provide exceptional services. Well, for this, you will require some things that will make things easier for you and practical for your customers. One of the most important things to consider in these services is the VPS control panel, as it lets you control and manage everything regarding your services.

When it comes to getting the control panel for VPS, there are many companies and providers in the world; however, out of the best ones, SolusVM and Virtualizor panel are mostly on the top. While it makes it simple for you to select any of them, knowing that both come with amazing quality services, the differences make it a little difficult to make the final decision.

So, here we will discuss everything you need to know about these two VPS control panel choices you have.

How to Setup VPS on a Dedicated Server?

Before diving right into the Comparison, it is important to have some logical reason for why it is important to compare the VPS control panels. When you start with the VPS hosting services on the dedicated servers, there is a whole setup process where the control panel has a huge role. It means that the right selection is important from the very first step.

Speaking of steps; the setup process of VPS on the dedicated server requires you to go through a list of steps, and here are some of them:

Start With Taking Care Of The Prerequisites

To meet the prerequisite needs, you need to make sure that you have the right hardware dedicated server available. Not only this, but the dedicated server must support hardware virtualization.

After you know that the hardware meets the requirements, there is a need to manage the following things:

  • Disk partitioning
  • Operating system installation
  • Having an empty logical volume group
  • Having all of these means that you can move to the right step.

Creating the Logical Volume

It is the part of the process where you need to start with selecting the physical volume. There should be enough resources available there, and then you can create volume groups. The last thing left to do is logical volume creation.

Installation of the VPS Control Panel

Now you will need to select the VPS control panel of your choice that meets all your requirements. After selection, it will be a matter of a few commands mentioned by the VPS control panel for its installation.

Network Bridge Setup

It is the final step of the process where you will need to set up a dedicated network for the server. It will also require you to run some commands according to your operating system and network configuration settings.

After going through all of these steps, your setup of VPS on a dedicated server is complete.

SolusVM vs Virtualizor VPS All You Need to Know

When you go for selecting the VPS management panel, these two are your best choices. However, there are several differences along with many similarities that you need to care for. Here we will be elaborating on some of those differences between virtualizor and SolusVM.

Ease of Usage.

One of the many reasons a VPS control panel is needed is to make things easier for users. If we look at both of these control panel choices, we will note that both come with amazing user interfaces. The user interface of SolusVM is more detailed and provides a lot of information.

On the other hand, the other VPS control panel comes with a user interface that is very easy to navigate through, even for users with limited knowledge.

Features and Practicality

A lot of people take it as their deciding factor when looking for a VPS control panel, and if we compare both of our VPS control panels here, SolusVM will not stand a chance in Comparison. The reason is that it does not support VZ 7. Moreover, there are no OpenVZ and KVM server, which sets SolusVM low in this factor.


The reliability of features is a need of a lot of people when looking for the VPS control panel, and in this Comparison, SolusVM comes with more reliability in its features. It can be the result of a long time as an officially available VPS control panel.


When it comes to the community of users present on the VPS control panel, SolusVM wins as it is a pretty old comparison. Moreover, due to being older, it has a huge community of people who are currently using it as their main VPS control panel.

The Operating System Support.

When it comes to operating system support, both of the VPS management panel choices come with a wide range of supported operating system versions. Several versions of CentOS and Linux provide amazing operating system support for both of these VPS control panels.

What's the Best Control Panel for VPS?

Final Remarks:

While it is important to have a very well-performing VPS control panel for a lot of people, the Comparison between Virtualizor and SolusVM makes the decision tough. Although both of these come with some major differences, there are a lot of common things like amazing customer support, cheap rates, free trials, and a lot more.

So, when you are going to narrow your decision down, you need to make sure that you consider all of the pros and cons of the side you are on according to your requirements to get the best experience of using a VPS control panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a VPS Control Panel Needed?

VPS provides better features and experience than dedicated hosting, and the VPS control panel is needed to set up and control the VPS hosting.

Is VPS Secure with VPS control panels?

Yes, when we compare shared hosting or dedicated hosting, the VPS control panels bring a lot of security.

How to Select a VPS Control Panel?

When you are selecting a VPS control panel, you need to ensure that you get everything according to your requirements.

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