SMS Mobile Coupon – Make Them Work For You

By: Aiza Gill

The world of couponing has taken a serious shift over the past few years. Sure, people still clip coupons, and seek out special discounts online, but just like everything else, mobile is taking over. When it comes to coupons and discounts a SMS mobile coupon is an affordable and effective option. So, how can you make SMS promtions work for your business? The answer is simple, you can start by using SMS mobile coupons as a part of your marketing strategy. With over nearly ten years in the SMS marketing space the team at

AvidMobile has shared some advice.

What is a SMS Mobile coupon?

A SMS mobile coupon or SMS coupon is a marketing text message containing a one time redeemable discount or special offer that is sent to a customer who has agreed to receive SMS marketing text messages from the business. These types of SMS based offers are attractive to businesses because of their low costs and high ROI.

How SMS Mobile Coupons work

An SMS mobile coupon works by getting your great deal into the hands (literally) of anyone who opted in to receive marketing text messages from you. consumers can opt-ino online, from a tablet inside your store, or even after they make a purchase. The idea is not only to draw returning business, but to draw new people in as well. From there your business will send out discount offers or codes via text message, to anyone who has opted in to your text message marketing program. Brand are taking this to the next level by creating focused keywords allowing them to break down customers into focused databases. From there they will send specific offers based off those customers specific interests.
Once your database receives the SMS coupon, they can use it in your store, online, or wherever you’ve set your stipulations. More importantly the ROI is extremely trackable, and you can see just how well people respond to your marketing campaigns. Think about it this way – It’s likely that everyone you know has a smart phone. Every time your phone buzzes, you at least give it a glance, right? That’s what we’ve essentially been trained to do. So, mobile marketing’s effectiveness rests in its ability to be noticed. Mobile coupons demand to be seen in a way that printed coupons and email discounts simply can’t compete with.
SMS mobile coupons are easily customizable, trackable, and are quickly are becoming a favorite among smart phone users. In this mobile society, allowing your marketing to be on the move with your consumers will help to take your business to the next level. Find out how your business can benefit from a SMS mobile coupon, sign up for you free SMS marketing trial account today!

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