Seven Professional Sports Handicappers

Seven Professional Sports Handicappers

By: marysmith

During the years, I have been asked a lot about what are the most important qualities for someone who wants to succeed in the handicapping business. Here are seven professional handicappers I believe to be the best based on what I have observed.

Stay Confident:

It is not a business for those who are timid. The majority of the people I’ve met are self-confident by nature, including the majority of the people in the field of drafting. Your confidence might be shaken easily if you experience some losses here and there, so you might want to stick with your day job. Conversely, if you can project an image of confidence (even when you’re having self-doubt), then you might be a long-term success.


The passion for sports is almost unmistakably one of the most important characteristics of a successful handicapper. It is inevitable that you will have to devote much time to analyzing sports events to run your handicapping business. This means you need to love sports at least a little bit. The hard part is finding the time to do it. This is an easy test for most people to complete안전놀이터. So here’s your chance. Check your score against the rest.

Having Thick Skin:

As with the previous quality, this one is a natural complement. My entire professional handicapping career has been characterized by the ability to quickly shrug off disappointments and continue.

As a comparison, it might be like playing quarterback. One bad pass will not make a great deal of difference to those who let down their guard. A great football player is able to put his or her mistakes behind him and continue to perform at a high level afterward. As well as having a “short memory,” handicappers need to have an enviable memory.

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Professionals don’t have time to sit around in their beer and get depressed about yesterday’s losses or angry emails they got from clients. Whenever one game finishes, another one begins. It’s where his attention must be focused.

The Spirit of Entrepreneurship:

Played handicappers are in the first place businessmen. For him to succeed, he must grasp this concept from the start and never forget it. Entrepreneurial spirit tends to be important in the handicapping business, as opposed to lack thereof. Owning your own business can offer very lucrative rewards if you are comfortable with the idea and is willing to accept the associated risks.

Nature of the Competition:

Every handicapper is a fierce competitor. It is possible that this is what drives so many to succeed in the first place? Thus, if you don’t enjoy competition, maybe you shouldn’t try to enter the business. Those of you who are competitive will, on the other hand, feel right at home in the field.

Mind of Analyses:

A successful handicapper does not necessarily need to be an expert in rocket science, but he or she does need some smarts. Most people in this profession are pretty bright and analytically minded, so it goes without saying that they are the best in the field. The business is comprised solely of pitting your opinion against the betting public and the sports books.

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