Reviews Coast Spas Discusses the Best 2-Player Board Games

By: marysmith

The Rules

When it comes to downtime Reviews Coast Spas knows you can only spend so much time in your spa before it becomes a health risk. For those other times, we have found some excellent board game to enjoy with your spouse, roommate, significant other, or friend. So, to qualify to make our list, it has to be able to be played with 2 people (obviously). For this list, we will leave out all games that can be modified for 2-player with homebrew rules.

The Games

As we said before, this list is solely dedicated for play with two people, so no solitaire or any other one player games. While some of these do list more than 2-players, we feel they are best played with two, as adding more people complicates the game or extends the time too far.

  1. Star Realms – Unlike other deck building games, this one does not require expensive purchases. All the cards for the game come with the game. This means every player in the game has the ability to acquire all the cards in the game and no player has an advantage of lucky packs or having more money than other players.
  2. Hive – Similar to chess, this game uses different bugs to move in different ways but lacks a board. This allows for the game to be taken and played anywhere as the footprint of the bag that you store the pieces in allows you to throw it in the smallest of bags and take it with you.
  3. Carcassonne – This game is a gateway game for many tabletop gamers today. The game can be both cooperative and competitive at the same time. Other players can help you to place the tiles you flip, but at the end of the day, the decision is yours. Beware that help from opponents may be self-serving.
  4. 7 Wonders Duel – Due to the popularity of their original version and request of people to have a 2-player alternative, Asmodee has released a 2-player version that is expandable up to 10 players. We don’t see the point of expanding the 2-player game when they already have the normal game, but it still is a great game for just two players.
  5. Pandemic, Forbidden Island, and Forbidden Desert – All three games are designed by Matt Leacock and all play beautifully with two players. They are all cooperative games. This means that the players are battling against the game instead of each other. As with most of Leacock’s games, the game usually gets the better of the players. This only makes winning that much more special.


This is by far a complete list of 2-player tabletop games, but just a list of Reviews Coast Spas favourites. We hope you can take the time to look at some of them and enjoy them with your family and/or friends. Much like hot tubs, it is a way to get people together and talking without the need for fancy electronic devices.

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