Residential VPN: What Is It And How Is It Different From A Regular VPN?

Residential VPN: What Is It And How Is It Different From A Regular VPN?

By: marysmith

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an online service that allows you to hide your real IP address, access content that is restricted in your geographic location, and protect your data when using the Internet.

A VPN keeps your online identity private by encrypting and hiding your traffic. Your connection flows through an encrypted tunnel that no one can read, keeping you safe from hackers and cybercriminals on the Internet. It creates a local network without the need for its members to be physically connected, just virtually.

Are Different VPNs Equally Efficient?

The main problem with most VPNs is that they use data center servers that are not tied to a specific owner. This means that these servers are essentially on their own; they are dedicated servers. The most recommended is a residential VPN that provides you with a real local IP address instead of a dedicated server IP.

What is a Residential IP Address?

These are IP addresses that are provided by an Internet Service Provider to homeowners. Logically stated, each computing device and each home network has its own residential IP that contains certain information such as approximate location and the name of the ISP company. The biggest advantage of these IP addresses is that they are legitimate, i.e. completely legal, and are assigned to a legitimate home or location.

Why Use a Residential VPN?

In comparison with a standard VPN, a residential VPN like Tuxler allows you to operate from a completely anonymous and hidden location. The data encryption is military-grade, so you can be sure that you are totally protected. You may use this solution even when browsing websites that use VPN-detecting software.

How Could a Residential VPN Increase Your Safety?

Here are some of the most common uses of a residential VPN:

– Access your work network when you are not in the office.

A worker connected to a VPN has secure and encrypted access to the resources of a company when traveling.

– Avoid censorship and unblock restricted content. Thanks to the use of a residential VPN you can circumvent any blockades put on certain content in some countries.

– Avoid price discrimination. Many online shops charge different prices for their products depending on your location, whether you are a new or returning customer, regardless of your online shopping preferences.

– Secure online shopping. A residential VPN connection ensures that your purchases are made privately and securely, making it difficult for any hacker to access your payment details or perform any identity theft.

– Torrent securely and anonymously. Residential VPN connections also have their uses in P2P downloading even if you download completely legal torrents. Only the best antivirus can protect you from the threat of malware hidden in torrents, but a residential VPN will give you peace of mind that your data is safe.

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