OnlineSim – Creating Virtual Phone Numbers for Completing Registering Process

OnlineSim – Creating Virtual Phone Numbers for Completing Registering Process

By: marysmith

To secure the registration process online in more than 72 countries, buy private SMS number. Business and personal communication demands reliable tools protecting your privacy. How to verify your personality on numerous resources and stay anonymous at the same time? This task only seems impossible. A private SMS number will allow you to hide behind the temporary number devoted just to receiving SMS.

Reasons to Prefer Private SMS Number

You can choose the option of a disposable SMS number for many reasons:

  • to register on foreign websites with a local subscriber number
  • to restore or create new accounts on social media platforms
  • to avoid publishing your phone number for outsiders

For all these services, choose the possibility of a private number receive SMS.

Two Types of Temporary Virtual Numbers

Depending on certain needs, the customer can choose a one-time or unlimited virtual SMS number:

  • One-time virtual number allows you to receive SMS just from one site. The time devoted to this operation is up to 40 minutes without the possibility of prolongation. The price for such a number is very low due to the limited features of this virtual number. It will cost just one cent for every website.
  • Long-term virtual SMS numbers can be prolonged every day. They can receive messages from different websites in unlimited quantities. They cover 21 countries and cost 23 cents per day.

You can try both services for free at the OnlineSim website. The convenience of receiving SMS without the need to buy an additional SIM will convince you that even one cent matters. You can buy safety and privacy for such a small amount of money. You can cross borders to register on foreign online resources virtually for nothing! Let all troubles with SMS registration stay in the past. A new experience with virtual SMS numbers will take your security to a new level!

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