Office Hoteling How to Manage and Implement It in Your Office Setting

Office Hoteling: How to Manage and Implement It in Your Office Setting

By: marysmith

As strict lockdown is the norm nowadays, colleges, schools, universities, and offices are closing down. It forces employees to take the work-from-home route as it gives them the ability to protect themselves from the pandemic that is COVID-19. The typical nine to five job timings seem far-fetched now. In such a scenario, office hoteling provides both companies and employees with great benefits.  It gives them the flexibility to work in a space that is the most comfortable for them while also collaborating with their coworkers and other business officials.

The question here is, what does office hoteling mean? Office hoteling is the process of allowing employees from anywhere to find a workspace that meets their requirements and facilitates them to work with ease and comfort. Like numerous other businesses, you should also take advantage of office hoteling by creating an effective office hoteling strategy and applying it to your office space.

Once you know that you are ready to take the first step into the world of office hoteling, you need to have an effective strategy to implement and manage it. Don’t worry, because today, we will look at some tips on implementing and managing office hoteling at your workspace. These tips are listed below.

Imagine individuals show up early in the morning to your office hoteling setup. They don’t know where to sit or a workspace even available for them to use. To solve such an issue, you need to deploy hot desking software, which provides individuals with hoteling desks on a first-come, first-serve basis.

However, some employees do not like to wait for their turns and grow impatient. To counter such an issue, you can look for hot-desking software that allows individuals to book their desks in advance. Other features that such software should include are filtering out desks according to availability, location, and type. The facility can view floor maps, photos, and details of every workspace, and much more.

  • Introduce Variety Inside Your Office

When it comes to creating an office hoteling setup that is effective, no single one will allow you to achieve this. It is especially the case when dealing with individuals who have varying needs and requirements. For example, take an individual who works in marketing.

One moment they would want to work alone; on the other, they will need to collaborate with other departments regarding external events. For individuals looking for such flexibility, they would work more effectively if they could choose between various workspaces. Whether it be a cozy seating area or long meeting tables, adding variety to your workspace will accommodate such individuals to work more efficiently. And most of all, keep them happy

  • Provide Notification for Missed Check-Ins

When you convert your workspace into an office hoteling workspace, consider introducing a simple check-in and check-out method. Through this process, you will be able to identify which individuals missed their check-in, who checked-out, and if you can assign the available space to somebody else.

However, employees can always abuse such a service. People sometimes book their desks in advance and end up no showing on their check-in day. By using reservation software, you can deal with the pain that comes with dealing with office hoteling.

  • Keep Your Workspace Clean and Healthy

As your office hoteling workspaces will see a lot of foot traffic daily, there is always a chance that people will bring with them tons of unwanted things such as germs. When you deploy office hoteling at your workplace, you risk exposure to viruses and germs from individuals who use shared workspaces, desks, phones, monitors, computers, etc.

Due to such a risk, it is wise that you ensure your workspace is as healthy as possible. One way to enforce good hygiene is to ask individuals to wear masks at all times, use hand sanitizer and wipes before and after touching any item in the workspace. You can also go a little further by hiring a weekly cleaning service that takes care of eliminating all filth and dirt from your office hoteling setup. Once you promote impeccable hygiene at your workspaces, you will see everything will become easier to manage.

  • Keep Environment Clean Using Digital Signature Software

We are facing so many issues globally because everyone is using so many things that cause global warming. We should use Digital Signature software to complete our documentation and paperwork without using papers. It will help us to keep our environment clean and save trees.

  • Allow Personalization for Individuals Using Your Workspace

One of the most common issues that individuals have with an office hoteling workspace is that most of these setups don’t allow personalization. When someone works at an office, they like to introduce personalization by adding photos, calendars, and other personal belongings.

If you are new to the whole office hoteling game, don’t forget to provide individuals with space for their storage.


If you use the right tools, you will transform your office into a fully-functioning office hoteling setup. It will also change your workplace culture. Change can be difficult sometimes, even when everybody thinks it will yield them profits in the future. Make sure that your existing employees are on board with you with such a change. Other than that, the benefits of office hoteling are endless.

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