Most Popular Programming Languages to Learn in 2022

Most Popular Programming Languages to Learn in 2022

By: marysmith

Numerous analytics were conducted and extensive research into the popularity of a programming language based on its usage while compiling this rating. This information is gathered through services created specifically for it, yet each one has its unique algorithm. For example, the number of times it is mentioned in search engines, forums, and the numerous projects that have been built using this language. Whatever the case may be, it is difficult to predict which language will be the most popular.

However, after evaluating the data, a list of the most popular programming languages has come up. It is likely to be in demand by the year 2022.

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Python was introduced to us as a programming language for the first time in 1991. It’s straightforward, but it’s not very productive.

The language is essential, although there are a few quirks that a beginner will notice. However, there isn’t anything wrong with it. You get solutions directly from the language’s developers to fix problems. Python is frequently recommended for those who are just getting started in IT. As a result, it can be found in a range of programming courses. Everything is self-explanatory and straightforward.

It performs worse than the other languages on this list in terms of productivity. Python is known for being «slow» for a reason. Some problems are simply too tricky for Python to handle. Even so, it’s not all horrible. In some circumstances, Python is no worse than the other leading programming languages.

Specialists more frequently use it for system administration than other languages as it is incredibly user-friendly for simple tools.

Although the programming language is simple, there are still some superior options available. Developers are increasingly utilizing Python as a supplement to or replacement for other languages in their projects. In general, studying is still enjoyable in 2022, but I would encourage continuing to learn another language as well. Otherwise, you would be unable to perform a variety of duties.


Within the programming languages, this is referred to as an oldie. People who continue to work with Microsoft and Windows use it. It’s also an excellent option for video game makers, as it is utilized for apps and compatible with Unity 3D. It has seen numerous revisions over the years, yet it remains popular. There are two versions, C++ and C, with a 13-year difference between them. What are the benefits of learning them as a programmer? Because these languages influenced the ones that are currently in use. Although both languages have undergone significant alterations, they continue to transmit the message of their origin.

When the C language was founded in 1972, the PC had limited use, needing improvement. Programmers needed to come up with a new strategy to save time and money. At the time, programming was all about how a computer worked physically. Everything has changed since then.

C and C++ are well-known programming languages for getting the most out of computers when it is employed. Take, for example, game software development. It is sure to be on the list of most popular programming languages.

Learning the Cs is crucial since it will help specialists understand how computers and code work in general. The information is incredibly beneficial. Indeed, looking for a quick fix isn’t an option. The better the outcome, the more you delve into the subject.

8 of the most popular programming languages - TechRepublic


Java was the most widely used programming language a bit earlier. Because of the cross-platform capability, it was highly appealing to developers. Compatibility with various operating systems and hardware is also outstanding. Its designers made a significant contribution by arranging and performing the core code on several platforms. There are, however, some disadvantages. Java has complex code that isn’t particularly attractive.

Its programmers are handsomely compensated. Experts use it to work on web development and virtual applications for mobile phones and desktop computers. It has been popular since 1995, when it was first released, and it’s mainly used for backend development. Some people say Java is outdated and updated, yet it is still worthwhile to learn. People have predicted Java’s demise for nearly two decades, but it is still widely used.

Another point to notice is that Java is sometimes confused with JavaScript. It’s the next item on our list, and I’ll tell you more about it to comprehend it better.

Java Script

JavaScript is a front-end scripting language. The key benefits of JS are that it is simple and easy to learn. To use it, you’ll need to understand how to interact with frameworks and infrastructure. You must also be willing to embrace continuous improvements, as some experts believe that JS logic contains some flaws that are addressed over time.

There were numerous flaws before, but many got fixed by 2020, and developers are currently receiving fewer and fewer complaints. JavaScript allows you to add pop-up windows and small arcades to your website, making it more interactive. Without any doubt, this language is a must, one of the most popular programming languages.


Since 2014, it has been in use. Primarily for IOS application development. The language is very new, but it deserves special attention. Open source code and simple syntax are among the characteristics. The excellent interaction with Objective-C is also a big plus. FlappyBird, Mozilla Firefox, and WordPress all use Swift.

I’d like to underline how quickly it got popular. It’s a unique situation. This could be due to Apple, who created the iOS platform and is now introducing additional features. Learning Swift as a primary language, on the other hand, is a horrible idea. It only works on iOS, but there are more Android devices on the market, so it is preferable to know how to code for both platforms.

These are the most popular programming languages because of their demand by the companies and the technology. If you want to learn one, try to check your interest in one of the above.

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