Microsoft Surface Repairs

By: Aiza Gill

We understand how frustrating it can be when your iPhone or Microsoft Surface product breaks down or the screen gets damaged. We have expert knowledge on everything to do with Microsoft Surface devices and products, and the common issues that can occur when using them. We offer a whole range of repair services at a great cost, with a great warranty!

Check out some of the Microsoft surface repairs and other services we offer:


Dropped your Microsoft Surface device from a height? Accidentally dropped something heavy onto your iPhone? Smashed screen stopping you from reading and receiving all those important texts and selfies? We’ve got you. We can repair your phone or Surface device with high-quality parts, making it look shiny and new in no time.


We have a more-than 70% success rate when it comes to fixing liquid-damaged products. If you have an accident and spill your morning coffee over your Surface product, don’t despair yet! Get it to us and we will do everything we can to salvage your device, replacing parts if need be.


Losing your hard work from your device is a horrible feeling most of us have experienced. If you find your phone or Microsoft Surface device is all of a sudden not turning on, or there’s a weird screen facing you, we can help you retrieve all of your important information.


Here are some common issues with Microsoft Surface products and devices.

Non-responsive touch screens: Users have experienced non-responsive touch screens of many Surface devices. Sometimes this can be due to a dirty or greasy screen, but it can also indicate an issue or fault with the screen or inner workings of the device.
Bad or non-existent Wi-Fi connection: Frustrations arise when you find your Surface device isn’t picking up a Wi-Fi connection, no matter what you have tried. Sometimes this can be fixed by a simple change in settings, but there can also be deeper issues at hand. We can help figure out and fix this issue.

Running slowly: Surface software can sometimes run too slowly, making the user think there is something wrong with the device. Updates and storage adjustments can fix this at times, but if that doesn’t work, it’s time to get the device checked.

Dim screen: The backlight hardware on your Microsoft Surface device can sometimes stop working, resulting in a dark screen. This requires repairs and replacements of parts. We can diagnose and fix all of these issues and more.

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