Let’s Talk About the Pylon Protocol

Let’s Talk About the Pylon Protocol

By: marysmith

Cryptocurrencies have opened plenty of new avenues via which investors can earn passive income from their crypto assets. When crypto coins were still new, most early adopters invested in high-quality mining rigs. As such, they could mine crypto coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, which earned them tidy returns.

However, not everyone can afford a decent mining rig. Most rigs can cost upwards of $15,000 USD. In addition, if you factor in the electricity bills, most people can’t afford to run and maintain their mining computers. These days, each crypto owner has a chance to leverage their crypto assets.

Claim Airdrops and Earn Free Crypto

If are a crypto enthusiast, you can take advantage of airdrop programs and earn some free crypto coins. Most crypto startups use airdrops to market their new coins or NFT products. In most cases, the startups send some airdrops to crypto owners in exchange for promotional services.

People who receive the airdrops are required to tweet or blog about the new crypto product. There are different types of airdrop packages. Most startups often use the bounty airdrop package to market their products to crypto enthusiasts. Ideally, airdrops can be an easy way for small crypto investors to earn free coins and build their portfolios.

Pylon Protocol

How You Can Earn Free Tokens

Most crypto startups list their tokens on their network or website. For instance, if you have some coins in your Terra Station wallet, then you’re eligible to earn free $MINE tokens from Loop. You will need to link your wallet with the Pylon protocol website so that you can easily claim $MINE tokens. You can also swap your crypto coins for the new $MINE tokens.

Some crypto startups often offer free tokens on social media platforms. In such instances, winners will need to sign up for an account on the new network. They will also have to retweet or share the post with their followers or friends. Most crypto influencers often earn free tokens through exclusive airdrop programs.

High Yield Farming in Crypto

Yield farming in crypto involves saving your crypto coins in a pro-savings account. In exchange, crypto investors earn some interest from their savings. The interest rates may vary depending on the demand and liquidity of the coin. In addition, if the value of the coin goes up, interest rates rise, too.

If you’re a small crypto investor, high yield farming can be one easy and surefire way of earning free coins. Nowadays, most crypto exchange platforms offer pro-savings account services. Owners of high-yield savings account are also eligible for other services such as cheap exchange rates.

Bottom Line

If you’re a crypto investor, you should always be on the lookout for new opportunities on how you can leverage your crypto assets. Crypto farming and taking part in airdrop programs are very profitable as they carry no major risks. Online crypto forums are always a good source of info when it comes to knowing which startup is offering free airdrops.

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