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By: marysmith

Starting December 2017, it is not obligatory for the trucks to have ELD devices installed. This is a U.S. DOT obligation. Yet, as per the Inbound Logistics, from a fleet size of 1 to 100 trucks, merely 60 percent have installed these ELD devices. There perhaps be different reasons for this procrastination.

An ELD is basically an electronic logging device which is considered as an electronic quick fix allowing expert commercial vehicle carriers and truck drivers to easily record and track their hours of service.

There perhaps be confusions regards the cost factor. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration provided with initial estimated yearly costs of around 165 USD and 832 USD per truck. The administration further mentioned that some of these costs recover with the passage of time and paper savings VS the manual logs.

On the other hand, the users in the industry do pinpoint that there are going to be unmeasured or hidden costs associated with the latest ELD devices. Device training and maintenance along with employee turnover may prove to be huge costs that have been overlooked. As a matter of fact, these people believe that the actual yearly cost per truck perhaps be more precisely portrayers as somewhere between 800 USD and 6000 USD. Learn more about it at https://elddevices.net/best-eld-devices/

It just could be that hard dollar cost for several small truckers are not just the concern. It could perhaps be the hassle of bringing new equipment on board. It comes with a learning curve and it may get frustrating for some. For instance, when your email service provider makes changes to the layout and some of the ways that you are quite used to. Now you have to reorient your usual habits and mind. Inefficiencies take place here as these new applications show up one after the other.

Implementing truck-based GPS gear perhaps was met with similar resistance however at least the drive could actually experience the actual benefits promptly.

The actual costs, no matter what they turn out to be, perhaps be keeping the small truckers from moving ahead on this aspect –they find themselves stuck between a hard and a rock place. Pleas to exempt these small trucking services have proved to go nowhere.

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