An Intro To Sneaker Proxies And Where They Are Used

Proxy servers have been a part of the Internet ever since its inception. But, as most technologies or better said tech infrastructure, they evolved. Today, it is enough to perform an online search and you will see several types of proxies either sold or offered for free. From free web proxies to private proxies sold as special use ones like sneaker proxies, the Internet is flooded with different services and types of proxies.

If you stumble upon proxies and you need to buy some for a project, you probably noticed the multitude of packages offered by some providers. One type of package that creates confusion for some users is the sneaker proxies one. However, they are not something esoteric and here’s everything there is to know about them.

What are sneaker proxies and how they are used?

Each proxy package sold by a provider carries the name of the service on which they are guaranteed to connect without any restrictions and without causing any IP blocks. For example, social media ones, like Instagram proxies are guaranteed to connect and work on Instagram, so its user will connect without any issues and without fearing the IP (of the proxy server) is blocked.

In the same way, sneaker proxies are dedicated ones used for connecting to sneaker selling websites without any issues. For the seamless connection, most sneaker packages include the so-called virgin IPs. Meaning they have never been used before by other users. So if you buy sneaker proxies, you know your IPs are clean so you can connect without any restrictions.

Furthermore, regarding their use, proxies for sneakers are mainly bought to be used for establishing connections to fashion websites. They are used when [these] websites are selling limited edition shoes (ie sneakers) or other types of limited edition apparel sold on short notice and for a brief period of times. And the main goal of using them is to increase the number of IPs from where its user can send buying request. Thus, increasing his chances of getting a sought-after limited edition pair of sneakers.

How to buy sneaker proxies?

As mentioned above, sneaker proxies are sold by providers. So, to buy sneaker proxies you can search online for them. There are several companies offering them so you need to do some research to get the right working IPs that will connect to apparel websites.

Another way of getting them is through review websites where several providers offering them are listed. One such review website is where you will several companies offering these proxies for sneakers.

Difference between packages. Why not get cheaper ones?

You probably will think of a workaround to avoid buying proxies for sneakers which are more expensive than other types of proxy packages like the cheap shared ones for SEO or even the free web proxies found online.

However, the issue with the cheaper packages is that they might not have clean IPs. So their connectivity might be limited. In other words, you will pay less for them, by their servers won’t be able to establish a connection to shoe or apparel selling website. So, instead of a bargain, you will end up with some useless IPs. This is why it’s important to buy the right package, a sneaker proxies package in this case.

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