Incredible To Believe That PowerPoint’s 30 Years Old

By: marysmith

On 20 April 1987 PowerPoint was shipped for the very first time. Here are five amazing facts about the stalwart presentation software that you may not know.

  1. History of PowerPoint infographic published by Glisser.
  2. PowerPoint was originally designed to make it easier to prepare actual overhead transparencies, actual 35mm slides. PowerPoint 1.0 (for Mac, April 1987) produced overhead transparencies on a black-and-white Macintosh for laser printing, removing the need to manually re-type the slide.
  3. PowerPoint’s first features came from analysing real slides to find out what the user needed: “55% of the overheads contained bulleted lists, about 70% of the overheads contained diagrams, and about 35% of the overheads combined both”
  4. Master slide was originally called “Model Slide”
  5. The correct way to write PPT is “PowerPoint”. Use of the extra internal upper-case letter was mandatory for Mac software, based on Apple’sstyle in product naming.
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