How to Use TikTok

By: marysmith

TikTok is developing at great speed and is becoming a serious rival for Instagram and Snapchat, as evidenced by the number of active users – more than 500 million per month, and cooperation with well – known brands like Chipotle and The Washington Post.

You can endlessly talk about the possibilities and benefits of Tiktok, but until you try it, you won ‘t know, so the best way to learn about the application is to create your own account.

If you have used other social networks for promotion, it won’t be easy to navigate in Tiktok. That’s why we have compiled this step-by-step guide for you.

Here’s a list of what you’ll need to create an account, shoot your first video, and more:

  • Download the app and log in.
  • Set up your profile.
  • View the video feed.
  • Like, comment, or share videos you like.
  • Follow users via videos or TikCode.
  • Set up your shot and select effects.
  • Make final edits and add a caption to video.
  • Duet with users.
  • Take part in challenges.
  • Setting up your account

Download The App And Log In.

Depending on your operating system, use the App Store or Google Play to download TikTok. Tiktok has simplified the registration process, so you can instantly create an account using Facebook, Gmail or Twitter, or create a default username and password if you don ‘t want to link your social networks to your account.

Set Up Your Profile.

After successful registration, you will see a video news feed. The profile settings you can find under the icon in the lower right corner in the form of a man. Here you can change your profile photo and add some information about yourself. Link other social networks pages to your account if you want, this function is especially useful for those who work in business and want to advertise their products or cases in this way. Video search and user interaction.

View The Video Stream

Now go back to the main page where the video stream is located. Imagine this is a Twitter feed, but instead of text, it’s a video. While you don ‘t have subscribers yet, there will be popular videos in the feed, but over time, the feed will be personalized up to your preferences. TikTok Include the feature that lets you download a video.

Like, Comment Or Share The Videos You Like.

To like an interesting video, click on the heart or on the pop- up window if you want to leave your comment. The Forward icon, like the aforementioned features, is on the right side of the video, and can be used for sharing the video. To watch other videos of the user you are interested in, just swipe left.

To start searching, you need to click on the second tab. Here you can find not only videos and trends, but also the accounts of your friends or celebrities.

Follow Users Through Video And TikCode.

You can also subscribe to a user whose content you liked, for this you just need to click on the icon with photo and the plus sign above the heart button. Another useful function is TikСode, which can be scanned and thus find the desired user. It is often used to promote brands and personal pages on other websites. By the way, you also have your own TikCode, which you can find if you go to your profile and touch the icon with 4 squares in the upper right corner. And if you go to the search tab and click the square scan button next to the search bar, you ‘ ll find someone else ‘s TikCode. When the screen opens, bring it to the TikCode that you want to scan and after a few seconds the profile of the person you need will open in your application. How to Post on TikTok

Set Up Your Shot And Select Effects.

On the center tab, you will see the camera mode. You can rotate it in any direction using the”Flip” icon in the upper right corner. You will also see the following functions as speed, beauty (to touch up imperfections or smooth out skin), filters (everything is simple here, you choose a color filter to your taste), timer (for hands-free videos ), flash, music and effects.

Along the top center, there is a musical notes icon labeled” add а sound”, thanks to which you can choose any track or sound effect you want to add to your video. The application also has a huge number of effects and filters that improve or remove unnecessary things. There is a black bar under the camera for you to set the time limit for video, or easier – create a photo slideshow instead of a video.

Record the Video.

When you’re ready, press and hold the red record button. You shoot video in whole or in small parts – as you like. With the second option, hold the record button for each piece of video and release when you pause. Once you are ready to continue, repeat the same actions again. And if you want to shoot video hands-free – use the timer to start recording automatically.

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Make Final Edits And Add A Caption To The Video.

If you forgot to add music or an effect to your video, don ‘t worry, do it after you finish recording. Moreover, you can add stickers, filters, and even text. When the video is completely ready and edited, click Next button, you will be redirected to a page where you can add a caption to the video, tag other users or leave hashtags. Here you can turn off comments, hide videos and save them to your camera roll. If you have not yet decided to upload the video, click the Drafts button in the lower left corner and you can return to editing later.

Duet With Other Users.

Did you like the music video ? You can join its author!

TikTok has a duet video option. It is enough to choose the video you like, with which the duet will be conscious, use the”Share” button and look at the sharing options. Then the” Duet” button will appear at the bottom of the screen and you will see yourself in the camera next to the video. You can already start recording and sing along to your favorite track, but it’s better to dance too 😉

If you don ‘t want anyone to perform in a duet with your video, be sure to turn this function off by” Duet / React Off” button before publishing.

Participate in a Challenge.

As in other social networks, in TikTok you will see challenges that users regularly undertake.

The Challenge Works as Follows:

A company or blogger encourages others to film themselves doing something specific. For example, the challenge of opening the lid of a Chipotle to – go bowl without hands. Users post an action video and tag it with the appropriate hashtag.

Participating in challenges helps to attract many subscribers and video views. You don ‘t have to be at the top of the hashtag leaders, people will watch your video and probably like it. It is enough to see once and you will understand everything. TikTok user video in #ChipotleLidFlip challenge.

Summarizing About TikTok

TikTok may seem strange and unusual. But that doesn’t negate the ability to grab the audience’s attention to your brand. TikTok has existed for only a year and the audience follows any experiments with interest and like unusual content. We advise you to test even the most daring ideas. Another way to become famous on the TikTok app is by purchasing TikTok likes from the one and only real provider- www.freetiktok.com

Here Are Some Tips For You Before You Shoot Your First Video:

  • Use special effects. This tool can drastically change the perception or initial idea for the better.
  • Add music. The soundtrack with hit songs adds rhythm. Watching videos with sound is more interesting.
  • Idea for the first video. A few frames in the video will make it more interesting!
  • Feel free to show your sense of humor. TikTok has gained popularity due to entertainment and jokes, keeping this trend alive.
  • Use popular hashtags and try video challenges. Your video will show up when people search for keywords in a hashtag.
  • Follow the example of popular brands. If you haven’t decided on TikTok yet, videos on this social network can be great references for your strategy on other social networks.
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