How to Unlock a PC booter Panel

How to Unlock a PC booter Panel

By: marysmith

The purpose of an IP poster panel is to prevent unauthorized access by controlling what internet connection the computer will use. It requires that each time you connect your computer to the internet; you enter a secure security code into the device, before it lets the information on the wireless network pass through it. Once this is done your computer will only allow access from people you specifically allow it. While this seems fairly simple, when it comes to trying to actually use the internet it can be very confusing. You may wonder if you are actually allowed access to the internet or if your computer is simply holding a password that allows you to go online, but not actually letting you connect to the internet.

The most common method that many computers use to stop unauthorized access to the internet is the use of a booter panel. This basically works like a security lock that is placed over your modem and only lets certain people have internet access. In most cases, you must be in the same room as your computer, and there must be a wireless internet connection. With these types of things being in place, anyone who knows the password will be able to access the internet. These passwords are usually simple to create or copy and paste from the computer and onto a thumb drive that is kept within reach of the user.

One major problem with this type of lock is that sometimes people forget their password or print it out and take it somewhere else. Once the lock is removed, the internet is then available for anyone to access. If they have access to the internet, they can do whatever they want. The poster panel essentially stops the access directly from the computer, but does not stop all access completely. There are still ways to bypass the lock and still access the internet.

The best way to bypass the security measure is to replace the password with a strong one and hide the thumb drive. Then you can go online and use a disposable USB stick with the data you need to input. Once you have entered the information, you can go back to the computer and access the internet normally using any browser. This gives the impression that you have bypassed the entire lock, although the fact is you only gained access to the web part of the computer.

If you use a software utility to unlock the computer, you have further provided an opportunity to gain access to the internet. This software utility will allow you to login to a secure site that will allow you to view files and see what you can do to make the computer work again. You may also be able to restore certain system settings and re-install applications. However, if you forgot the password, you will not be able to use the software utility to unlock the computer.

There are other ways to gain access to the internet from a computer that has a better panel installed. You can attempt to find the password by hand or use a search engine to find it. If you cannot find it, you will probably be able to discover it on forums. The poster panel’s manufacturer usually includes the password in the documentation you receive with the product. Once you have found it, you can change the password and gain access once again.

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