How to See What’s Taking Space on PC?

How to See What’s Taking Space on PC?

By: marysmith

The need to optimize storage on Mac OS arises sooner or later. Too large software products, photos, and videos in good quality take up more and more space.

The problem with the lack of space is solved by using an SSD or purchasing an external drive (HHD). Both methods are expensive and don’t solve the problem of duplicate, too large, or even unnecessary files stored in the computer’s memory. To detect and remove them, you need a hard drive analyzer ­ a special program that will help structure the data on the disk and put things in order there.

How Can You Free up Disk Space on a Mac OS?

There are several simple and not convenient ways to get rid of junk files that are uselessly stored in the repository:

  1. Use the Finder menu.
  2. Empty the trash bin manually.
  3. Search for duplicates and large media data randomly, according to the situation, manually.

A great alternative to all of the above methods is to use a special utility that will help you deal with all this chaos. Moreover, it’s completely free, and its name is Dissy. It’ll cope with these problems much faster and better.

How Exactly Does Dissy Help You Optimize and Organize Your Storage?

With the help of the hard drive analyzer Dissy, the user solves a lot of tasks to optimize disk space, free it up, and take up more useful files and applications. It helps to bring order to your computer. After analyzing the storage space, you can sort the data as you need it. Place files in the necessary folders, remove the trash, free up space.

  • Remove excess. After a detailed analysis of the drive, you can find and delete everything that you no longer intend to use.
  • Automatically optimize storage on macOS. With the help of the utility, you’ll cope with the removal of duplicate files, delete blurry, unnecessary photos, screenshots, and some pictures. You’ll also find and send to bin temporary files. Although they help speed up the loading of some programs or web pages, they’re stored in the browser and only take up useful space.
  • Find what you need. If you have lost a file or folder, Dissy will help you find it quickly.
  • Analyze apps and remove those you no longer use.
  • Remove files from the Downloads folder. This one often turns into a trash heap. Figure out which ones you need to move to another folder and to which ones you can say goodbye with no regrets.
  • Clear email attachments. If you are an Apple Mail user, be aware that all attachments are automatically duplicated to your Mail Downloads folder.

Everything that has been hiding from your eyes until now and was in the storage under the guise of important and necessary data can be cleared with a single keystroke. It seems it’s time to evaluate how convenient it is.

Benefits of the Dissy App on Mac OS

The Dissy disk space visualizer and analyzer turns out to be a useful and effective assistant for active Mac OS users. You won’t have to buy additional space in the cloud or external storage (HDD) to cope with the problem of lack of free disk space. Similar analyzers and programs offer less functionality, and these tools are paid in most cases. In contrast, Dissy is a free app with no hidden fees or charges.

In addition, the creators of the analyzer took care of the security of your system files. Dissy doesn’t change or delete them; therefore, situations with the termination of the computer after using the program are completely excluded.

Dissy offers a quick scan of your hard drive; so, the process of finding large folders doesn’t slow down your main work. Also, you have the option of not scanning the entire storage but analyzing only individual folders that you choose. Is someone else ready to offer you such functionality for free? Because Dissy has already done it.

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