How to Get Product Owner Certification?

How to Get Product Owner Certification?

Product owner certification is one of the most popular and preferred courses in scrum master certification. Product owner certification is in high demand for most companies. The product owner is the reason for maximizing the value of the product that resulted from the work performed by the development team. In other frameworks, the product owner role is used as a title outside scrum, but if you want to know about the roles and responsibilities of a product owner, you need to understand it in the scope of a scrum team.

The product owner certification exam has 80 questions and needs to answer them in 60 minutes. You will get less than a minute to read and complete a single question. There are three levels in the product owner certification. 

Responsibilities of Certified scrum product owner:

The product owner is only responsible for maximizing the value of the product. The product owner is the main reason for what the development team is building up. The role of a product owner is challenging and on high demand. The scrum guide says that product backlog management is the main activity of a product owner. Managing and refining items on the product backlog is a continuous process.

The product owner acts as a spokesperson for the product. The certified person needs to be able to answer appropriate questions. The questions may be regarding product vision, planning, roadmap, etc.

The process to become CSPO:

1. Attend 2 days cspo training organized by CST.

2. Read the scrum guide and revise the cspo workbook given

3. CST recommends you to the scrum alliance.

4. Scrum alliance emails the link of the cspo certificate to download. There is no test required.

5. Download your cspo certificate from an alliance member of the scrum.

CSPO validity:

CSPO certification gives you a validity of 2 years of membership with the Scrum alliance. It is valid for 2 years.

It is a very satisfying job by being a product owner. By getting the certification, you will get an added advantage to your curriculum that will catch the eye of recruiters.

Salary and career growth:

The salary of a certified cspo will definitely have more salary and career growth when compared to non-certified peers in the company.

What actually you learn:

After completing the workshop, the person should understand the fundamentals of the product owner role while working with stakeholders and the development teams. One should determine the product strategy and create a product roadmap. He should be able to analyze customer research and product delivery. Not only that he should apply the opportunities to test assumptions during product discovery and delivery. The person should understand the relationship between the outcome and output.

Prerequisites to become a CSPO:

To become a cspo and attend the course there are no specific prerequisites. You can attend a live session or course taught by the certified scrum trainer. You can also get trained by a certified Agile coach. After completing the course, you should accept the CSPO license agreement and after that finish the Scrum Alliance membership profile.


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