How To Find The Right Partners For Your Instagram Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Marketing Campaigns

Did you use influencer marketing on Instagram for your brand or business? If no, it’s the right time to invest in an influencer marketing campaign that helps you to grow your following count, drive more sales and boost your brand awareness. Influencer marketing introduces the customers to your brand through authentic source Instagram by removing the barriers of old-fashioned ads. In our guide, we talk about how to find Instagram influencer (macro, micro, Nano) for your brand or business. So, let’s get started with influencer marketing on Instagram.

 What Is Influencer Marketing and Why Businesses Need It?

On Instagram, people spend up to 40 minutes daily on Instagram. If you are also a regular Instagram user then you have come across the posts by influencers every single minute. It is predicted that Instagram influencer marketing will become $8 billion industry in the year 2020. However, this is so huge but there’s no surprise as Instagram influencer marketing industry is flourishing day by day. It is also great for social action with a 3.2 percent average engagement ratio on Instagram while other social platforms have 1.5% engagement ratio. On Instagram, people are inclined to leave comments on the post, hit the like button and share the content as well.

How to Find the Right influencer?

It can be a great challenge to find the right partner for your Influencer Marketing Campaigns on this image-sharing app. So it is essential to do in-depth research before taking a decision and set your campaign goals to get your desired results. You need to check some important things when you are going to partner with an influencer on Instagram.

Marketing Campaigns

#1. Instagram engagement

First off, check the engagement on the Instagram profiles of influencers because when they have a higher engagement ratio, it means their fans are getting engaged with their content (like comment, share). Therefore, most of the businesses use this parameter to evaluate the perfect influencer on Instagram.

#2 How many Followers they have:

The number of followers is important but it is more important than how many of them are active on their account and engage with their content. The engagement ratio inclines to drop a number of followers grow, micro influencers (hundreds of followers) often have higher engagement ratio on their Instagram posts. While Macro influencers incline to see low engagement ratio with their fans. The reason is that most of the influencers buy real Instagram followers from unauthentic sources.

#3 Type of content they post:

With researching the quality of their followers, also analyze the type of content they post across their social channels. It will greatly help you to know more about them and their niche.

#4 Quality of the fans:

Quality of followers matters a lot when it comes to Instagram influencer marketing campaign. They should have a similar kind of audience who work with your target audience. For instance, if you are a beauty brand, you should partner with an influencer who has the same target audience as skincare, makeup, etc.

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