How to Find Remote Software Developers

How to Find Remote Software Developers

By: marysmith

Businesses need IT support in a wide range of areas, support that many businesses find difficult to acquire courtesy of a global and domestic shortfall of IT pros. The pandemic only exacerbated the situation by adding on a whole new layer of demands on IT workers to support remote work and remote learning initiatives.

Where does that leave the small or medium-sized business that only needs one software developer or a small team of software developers for one job? How do you even find remote software developers for that work when big companies offer full-time positions with benefits packages?

The good news is that there are options available to help you find the people you need for custom software development.

What Is a Software Developer?

In case someone just told you that you need a software developer for a project, let’s take a quick look at what that means in practice.

A software developer helps you define your needs for a program or application. They take an active hand in setting up the organization and flow of the software. In many cases, they also help write the underlying code.

Most will know several programming languages, such as Python, Java, and C#. Now that you know what developers do, let’s look at where you can find them.


Not every developer dreams of working for a big company, preferring the flexibility of freelancing as a remote software developer. There are several websites that serve as freelance networks where you can post your job and requirements. Freelancers will bid or apply for the jobs, and you select from those bids.

Job Listings

You can also go with a traditional job listing and use a keyword phrase like part time software developer remote in the listing. This will help attract the kind of developers who want those kinds of positions.

Job Boards

If you don’t want to list the positions on traditional job sites, you can look for tech-specific job boards that cater to programmers and developers looking for remote work. In most cases, these boards require that the jobs are remote.


You can also look for remote developer platforms. Platforms work a little differently in that they typically put their developers through a vetting program. In many cases, they’ll even supply you with an entire team for a project.

For an example, you can head over here to see how to hire a squad.

Remote Software Developers and You

The IT shortage does make sourcing IT talent more challenging. That is especially true for businesses looking to outsource a single project rather than hire people full-time. Fortunately, more challenging is not the same as impossible.

You have several viable options for finding remote developers, including traditional job listings, freelancers, If you are looking for job you can find at Jooble, and even remote developer platforms. The best option for you will largely depend on the scope of your project.

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