How To Choose The Best Lighting For Industrial and Commercial Spaces

How To Choose The Best Lighting For Industrial and Commercial Spaces

By: marysmith

People often undermine office lighting when it comes to creating the perfect work environment. But they shouldn’t.

Making the right choice and investments in office lighting often yields great results. Studies have shown that great lighting often, combined with other factors, can create a healthy environment and improve work productivity.

They not only increase morale but also ensure the safety and security of lives and property within that building. Who wants to work or come to a poorly lit environment?

As a beginner, you may be confused about the right lighting to use for your commercial or industrial space. In this article, you’d be exposed to different types of lighting and factors to consider when choosing a product.

Shall we?

Types of commercial light fixtures

Commercial lighting is normally found in hospitals, bars, government buildings, universities, warehouses, retail stores, etc. It’s super important to get the right kind of light for a commercial building because it affects the client/customer/visitor’s perception of the establishment.

With the right kind of lighting, the following will be enhanced:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Sales
  • Employee productivity
  • Safety and security

Just like other lighting fixtures, commercial lights can be classified into the following:


This is a special lighting technique that illuminates objects from behind. This is often used in photography sessions and theater performances to create special effects.

Accent lighting

This type of lighting is used to highlight objects. It is directed at them for easy notice and observation. It’s often used to highlight plants, portraits, paintings, etc.


This is often placed either on the ground or constructed into the floors to produce lighting from underneath. This is often seen in cinemas, weddings, outdoor events, etc.


This casts the lights downwards. It is often associated with recessed or hanging lights. Downlights are more popular than uplights.

So, now that you know the different classes of lighting fixtures, what should you look out for on your next purchase?

Factors to consider when buying commercial lighting fixtures


As a business owner, energy consumption and efficiency should be top priorities. This is why you should consider the bulb wattage. Look for a lighting fixture that is not just fashionable but can also be durable, because it will most likely be switched on for 45 hours a week and above.

It may even be switched on 24/7.

Look for a great lighting option that can last more than 100,000 hours, function on relatively lower watts, and save you money. Your best bet is an LED bulb.


Don’t be too engrossed in the beauty of the lights that you forget to find a suitable location. You must consider how your employees perceive lighting, knowing that misplaced lighting fixtures could make the workday unproductive for some.

What are the roles or tasks performed in that establishment?  If your employees work with computers every day, then you should look for gentle lights that will not interfere with the ones emanating from the screen. If there are various light points, choose ones that will illuminate every corner of the room to improve productivity (Recessed lights are recommended)

When installing these lights, ensure that you follow guidelines set by the manufacturer and align them with the shape of the work desks.

Light intensity

Light intensity is an important factor when choosing commercial lights. Why?

Industrial Office Design Ideas | Formaspace

You should choose a light that will best suit the work going on in that building. It should be bright, but not overwhelm people. Overlit spaces can cause glare and visual irritation. Poorly lit spaces can cause strain and visual tiredness.

Unbalanced lighting can make a working environment uncomfortable.

Calculate the amount of lighting power that will be needed in lumens. For those who don’t know what lumen is, it’s simply the total level of illumination in a space. This helps you to know how many lightbulbs will be needed.

Now that you know the factors you should consider when purchasing commercial lighting fixtures, what type of commercial lighting fixture should you purchase? There are several lighting options in the marketplace, so it may be hard to choose.

Which will be suitable for use?

Types of commercial lighting fixtures

Suspended LED lights

Suspended LED lights are very common in office spaces and retail stores. They are linear and available in several shapes and sizes, depending on the length and width of the space. This is the best option to go for flush illumination that is visually appealing and comfortable to use.

Drop Ceiling Lights

Are you looking for a lighting fixture that will make your commercial space look sophisticated and elegant?

Look no further, ladies and gentlemen. Drop ceiling lights are here to the rescue.

This lighting fixture creates a modern and classic look for most work environments. The spaces become brighter and more relaxing, not just because of their diffused illumination, but because the lighting arrangement makes the room beautiful.

Stairway lighting

Does your establishment have stairways? Consider stairway lighting.

This is one feature that a lot of people tend to overlook either due to cost or ignorance. Stairway lights illuminate the steps. This not only enhances aesthetic looks but also provides security indoors and outdoors, especially for people that love working late. Several staircase accidents could have been avoided if there were lights on them.

They come in different lengths, shapes, and sizes, and are often durable.

Emergency lights/Exit Signs

An emergency light or exit sign can be the thin line between life and death. They are meant to protect both employees and clients.

Most public establishments often require emergency exits in case of fire outbreaks or other emergencies. If your workspace has one, it needs emergency lights or exit signs to show people where to move towards

Barn lights/Gooseneck light

These lights give off a traditional yet stylish look in a work environment. You can use them for either rustic, industrial, or modern spaces. They can be used to brighten up both interior and exterior spaces.

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