How to Build Formal Letters With Pandadoc: Basic Steps to Be Aware Of

How to Build Formal Letters With Pandadoc: Basic Steps to Be Aware Of

By: marysmith

Pandadoc is software that enables users to reduce the time required to perform tasks related to document management. This software is great for both small and large businesses. It is adapted for computers and smartphones, which is important for mobility and ongoing access to documentation.

The software has an interface that is simple and straightforward. It will help users quickly grasp the peculiarities of operations to create and sign documents in a short period of time. More information about using the software is provided below.

Formal Letter Template: Minimize The Time You Spend Working With Documents

To start, you need to sign up for the software and confirm your email address. Log in to your account and proceed to create a document. You can start the process from scratch or use the formal letter template you uploaded to the software. The basic steps are as follows:

  • click “Create document”;
  • enter the required data;
  • generate your API key in the settings. Copy and paste it into the appropriate cell in the “Pandadoc API Reference” section;
  • specify the recipient’s email;
  • proceed to “POST”, press the “Send” button, and wait for “document.uploaded” to appear in the body of the message. This means that all information is saved and uploaded;
  • select “GET”, and submit a request to display status. It is important to have “document.draft” displayed in the body of the message. Then go to “POST” again, and click on “Send”;
  • open the “Document” menu tab, and check the status. The “Sent” field indicates that the file was successfully sent to the counterparty.

There are many features offered for the sake of convenience. You can take advantage of them while creating a document. For instance, you can change the color, size, or style of the font. Inserting videos, images or tables is also available. This is relevant when you need to demonstrate a product or provide a report on the quality of services. It is also important that Pandadoc enables users to create a price quote by copying the product range and cost from the corporate database. This feature will save a lot of time, which can be spent on other tasks.

PandaDoc — amoCRM

The Procedure For Signing Documents In Pandadoc: Specific Features For Setting Up

The capabilities of the software are comprehensive and extensive. You can use a sample to create documents, as well as customize the procedure for signing files. This is relevant if you need to keep the order of reviewing, modifying, and approving information. Let us look at the following example:

  • the manager opens a template of the contract, enters data about the goods, and their cost, and indicates delivery dates;
  • the document is sent to the legal department to enter and verify information about the counterparties, as well as the main provisions of cooperation;
  • the contract is finally reviewed by the General Director of the company. The General Director signs the document that has been previously checked and verified by representatives of responsible departments.

Having configured the procedure for signing the file, you do not have to worry that it will be certified by the director before the due time. The developers of the software have carefully thought out every detail so that users can arrange the workflow efficiently and avoid redundant activities.

The advantage is that the participants specified in the settings as qualified for editing and signing the file can review the modifications and comments. This enables them to quickly navigate and add improvements.

Collaborative work with documents is relevant when company departments are located in different premises or cities. There is no need to print out a contract/pricing quotation, and send it by fax or arrange delivery by a courier. Everything is fast, simple, and extremely efficient.

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