How The 3D Visualization Of Exterior Is Performed?

By: Aiza Gill

3D visualization is a process of creation of a three-dimensional image of any object, whether it is an object, building or complex of buildings.

Thanks to the three-dimensional visualization, any object can be demonstrated clearer and understandable.

3D visualization of exterior is widely used for more spectacular and visual presentation of the projects. You even can order the 3D tour here.

This method has become very popular in architectural construction.Having the possibility to present your project in the three-dimensional form, it has become much easier and much more convincing to protect all the benefits and advantages of your design before customers and other counterparts.A realistic image of a building or complex of buildings allows to present results of the project even before the start of its implementation.

This is a significant advantage of the method, allowing attracting new investments in the project. Visual representation of the complex is much easier to evaluate than presented in drawings and diagrams.

3D visualization of buildings’ exterior

3D visualization of individual residential or office buildings involves wide opportunities to demonstrate project’s advantages:

  1. The construction can be represented from all sides, not only from the façade.It is possible to demonstrate the large and panoramic plans.
  2. It is possible to create an image of the building at any illumination – in the morning, afternoon, evening and at night.
  3. Imaging the area around the house with options of its design and gardening.
  4. Demonstration of the building and surrounding area at different times of the year.
  5. The presentation may be completed with interior layouts.

3D visualization of the exterior of buildings

Even of more importance is the three-dimensional visualization of complex objects. Imagining of a neighborhood or apartment’s complex in the head is almost impossible. Regular picture will never give the full overview and will not allow to assess your project adequately. A spectacular opportunity to walk through the streets of a new residential area can be demonstrated only by means of this method.

3D visualization of the exteriorof the buildings’ complex allows the demonstration of a new project with the most accurate reference to the existing terrain.It is possible to demonstrate how a new area blends with the existing landscape.

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