How Soon Can a Potential Buyer Close a Deal?

How Soon Can a Potential Buyer Close a Deal?

By: marysmith

Selling your home to a cash buyer is about as close to instant gratification as you can get. You’ve probably heard that the home selling process is faster with a cash buyer. There are many reasons why a cash buyer can close a deal on your home faster than in the traditional real estate market. We take you through the steps from contract to closing when it comes to working with a cash buyer. Moreover, this article sheds light on a question that says How long to close in house With cash downriver Michigan.

What is the Cash Buyer Timeline from Contract to Closing?

When you sell your home to a cash buyer, you eliminate the entire borrowing process. There are no valuations, home inspections or last-minute underwriting hassles. Here’s a timeline of what happens from the time you contact a cash buyer to the time your home is sold and the deal is closed.


The initial consultation is a phone call between you and the cash buyer so they can get a description of the home. They will want to know the condition of the home, your financial situation, and your expectations for closing. The call usually lasts about 5-10 minutes.


During the appraisal phase, a cash buyer will walk through your property. They will take basic measurements of the room and also look into the basement, crawl space and attic. This step takes about 20-30 minutes.


Next, you get back on the phone for another 5-10 minutes with a cash buyer to explain your options and make an offer. There are no closing costs. You can leave the property as it is. And the deal can be done at your convenience.


You will receive a copy of the contract once it is signed. The cash buyer will also send it to the company to do a title search and contact you to schedule the closing. The call should last about five minutes.


Closing can usually take place within seven days. The goal is to give the seller peace of mind and a fair offer that will remove all the hassles of selling. All details are taken care of by the cash buyer.

What Should I Bring to the Conclusion?

To close with a cash buyer, you’ll need to bring the same things you would in a traditional home sale, such as:

  • Government-issued ID
  • Deed (if the house is paid for)
  • Keys, garage door openers and codes for keyless entry and alarm systems
  • A certified or cashier’s check that pays any expenses not covered by the revenue

Your escrow company should notify you in advance if you owe additional funds.

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