How Haiti Lotto Is Changing the Face of Lottery in Haiti

How Haiti Lotto Is Changing the Face of Lottery in Haiti

By: marysmith

If you live in Haiti, you will notice that there has been a change in perception of the lottery recently. This is because a lottery giant, Haiti Lotto, has entered into the industry and is busy changing things around this precious industry.

Since Haiti Lotto launched its operation in the country, there has been more optimism amongst lottery players. A few things have changed and will continue to change as the lotto company becomes more popular across the country.

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Visible Changes

For the first time in history, it is now possible for Haitians to play an international lottery as part of their national lotteries. Haiti Lotto has introduced two of the world’s popular lottery games i.e. GG World Keno and GG World Million.

GG World Keno is an amazing lottery game that allows players to win a wide range of cash prizes depending on how many numbers they choose and the stake they put against their tickets. A player can choose 1-10 numbers within a pool of 1-70. After choosing the numbers, players then select the stake multiplier. The stakes are set at a maximum of 10x. This means that a player can win up to 10 times the original winning. Draws for the lottery are conducted every 4 minutes, making it a fast-paced lottery game that can win players a lot of money.

GG World Million is the lottery game for jackpot enthusiasts. In this game, players select 5 main numbers from a pool of 1-50 and 2 extra numbers from a pool of 1-12. A jackpot winner will need to match the 7 numbers correctly. Luckily, other great prizes can be won for matching any two numbers upwards.

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How Much can Players Win?

The amount of money that a player can win when playing Haiti Lotto is determined by the game they are playing. While playing for the jackpot, the minimum amount a player can win is HTG 92,000,000. The amount keeps on rolling over weekly if a winner is not announced, meaning that it could get bigger than that by far. If you are playing the GG World Keno, the numbers that you match correctly determine the amount of money that you win. For example, if you match 10 numbers correctly with a stake of 1x, your winnings will be HTG 2,500,000. It could get up to HTG 25,000,000 if the multiplier is 10x.

Therefore, Haiti Lotto gives players the freedom to choose how much they want to win.

Promoting the Community

In the spirit of the lottery, Haiti Lotto also participates in various community-based projects that help in creating a sustainable community in Haiti. This guiding philosophy is also exciting for residents as they can now begin to see great projects launched in their communities.

Therefore, Haiti Lotto comes to many as big and extremely delightful news that will reshape the thinking of lottery in Haiti.

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