How Do Casino Tournaments Work and How Can I Win?

How Do Casino Tournaments Work and How Can I Win?

By: marysmith

Casino tournaments are all the rage nowadays, and most major internet betting sites that carry slots will support a tournament or two. Is it only slot-heavy casinos that carry these competitions, though, or can you find them available for table games? We’ll answer that question and several others as we take a closer look at casino tournaments right here.

What Is a Casino Tournament?

A casino tournament is not quite as it sounds. Rather than seeing a bunch of players sit at the same table and go head-to-head in poker, a casino tournament is more like a leaderboard challenge. Here, competitors play slots (or table games) and earn points based on how much they’ve deposited, bet, or won. They are then ranked on a leaderboard.

What Types of Tournaments Can I Join?

There are many different types of tournaments at Rollers and other top casinos. Some are based on how much you deposit. Others reward players who have won the most over a given period, while some dish out prizes based on what you’ve staked. Some prizes, such as Pragmatic Play’s Drops & Wins, can be worth millions of dollars each year and appear at hundreds of casinos, while others only appear in selected casino sites and are in-house tournaments.

Winning Real Money Prizes or Free Spins

A casino tournament may choose to pay you in a variety of ways. Victorious players might pocket cash prizes if they finished higher up the ladder. Those who finish lower down will pocket free spins. Some may choose to offer only free spins or cash prizes and not both, and some may deliver gizmos and gadgets, or holidays in the sun as prizes. Ultimately, you will win based on how high up the leaderboard you finish when the tournament ends.

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Promotional Periods, Wagering Requirements, and Eligible Games

Each tournament will only be valid for a specific period. Some are daily or weekly, while others last a month, sometimes longer. Once the tournament ends, it is usually swiftly followed by another. There are some other terms you may wish to consider, too. Wagering requirements may be applied to any money you win in the tournament, especially if the winnings are advertised as bonus cash. Secondly, you may find that the tournament only permits bets on “eligible games”. Some tournaments are open about this, but some require you to wager on selected titles only.

Slots, Table Games or Live Dealer Games?

Let us answer the final question simply – slot tournaments are the most common competitions you can find at online casinos. However, they are not the only ones out there. Many of Pragmatic Play’s live dealer casino games feature in Drops & Wins live tournaments. It is also possible to find RNG (random number generator) table games included in selected in-house tournaments and competitions at some online casino sites.

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