Honest Review: Why Hindi Keyboard is the best Android Keyboard?

Honest Review: Why Hindi Keyboard is the best Android Keyboard?

By: marysmith

We are heading into a time where Sci-fi movies of the 70s and 80s are turning out to be our everyday life. With the world going digital for the last three decades, text or font is what a cell is in a living body. It is the building block of the webspace. Even this blog you’re reading makes use of these small fragments of a language. It is philosophical to think of it when just shapes could make so much sense and connects people anywhere in the world. To bring such shapes into existence on a digital screen, a keyboard or keypad is required. A keyboard is the writing ink of the 21st century and to complete this task, one needs a good keyboard.

Being a Hindi majority country, Indians have been struggling in this aspect for quite some time now. A good and reliable Hindi typing keyboard had not come across which not just helped you in typing but also made your conversations chirpy. Bharat Keyboard’s Hindi Typing Keyboard filled this void. This is the closest Hindi typing app to being flawless and is proudly Indian made. The features of this app make your conversations and typing in Hindi extremely simple and fun. If you’re a man of few words, I would like to warn you, there’s a lot to say about this app.

Language conversion and Speech to Text


 Some believe there’s a purpose behind a man’s existence. But what could be one behind a keyboard is not hard to guess. The Hindi keyboard app has the simplest typing options. English keyboard, Hindi keyboard, and the English to Hindi typing keyboard are the three input options. The user can switch between the three with a single click unlike other apps, where you have to download different apps for the same purpose.

The English to Hindi typing keyboard is a very good feature that helps the user type Hindi by using English letters. The keyboard converts the typed words into Hindi in real-time. Since typing in Hindi directly is time-consuming, this conversion keyboard is extremely useful for typing fast.

If you don’t wish to type in any way after a day of hectic work, you can tap on the mic button at the top of the keyboard, activating the speech to text option. Then, select the language in which you want the text, tap on the central mic, and start speaking. The keyboard automatically detects your speech and converts it into words. No more fretting on typing long messages when you can download Hindi Typing Online App from Playstore.


Quotes, Jokes, and Shayaris


Having to find the need to open up a search engine in order to find an inspirational quote, hilarious joke, or a thoughtful shayari? You no longer have to spend another MB of your data on it as the Hindi keyboard app does it for you. All you need is someone to need motivation and the app has hundreds of inspirational quotes in Hindi and English in order to send to someone just at the right moment.

At some other time, imagine it is a fun-filled situation and you want to stand out, you having a Hindi typing keyboard downloaded on your device, get instant access to regularly updated jokes and shayaris which make your conversations dynamic instantly.

Avatar stickers and GIFs


Have you ever tried making stickers but found it difficult to? Or have wondered how videos could be made into stickers? Stop thinking and look your best because you could now make stickers yourself instantly using the Marathi keyboard app. You can create your avatars and replace them with hundreds of stickers on movie dialogues, greetings, and slang. Impress everyone with your creative stickers and inform them about how you made them.


That is not all, you can type words of about 25 characters and send them to as a sticker instantly as Pop Texts. While you do that, make sure you get your words right, because they are going to fascinate your family and friends to the brim, so why not impress them with the words too?



The Hindi typing app is completely editable, and the user can change and make it look according to their needs and liking. The user can change the size, edit which input options they want on their keyboard, the background of the keyboard, or even keep an attractive theme. This allows the user to create a comfortable atmosphere while typing by simply making it soothing to their eyes or improve the feel while typing.

Covid Resources


It has not been easy for people to get information on Covid-19 during this pandemic, especially the Second wave. The different rules in different areas mean there is a lot of confusion about the validity of rules in your local area. To help people get authentic information and in their local language, the Hindi keyboard app has a Covid-19 resources option on the keyboard. You simply need to click on it and it is sent as a message along with the link where the actual article or information is located.

The information ranges from FAQs on vaccination, registration for vaccination, the Plasma donor database, and so on. This feature although I hope you might never have to use it apart from the vaccination information, may help you in the time of need.

Mood Analyzer


In the Hindi Keyboard app, you get a very special feature called the mood analyzer. During the course of you using the keyboard, the app can detect if your emotions at the moment. You may be Sad, happy, or in love; The keyboard will detect it with the help of your typing habits. This feature gives a personalized touch to the user.


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