Homepage Seo Strategies And Best Practises


A homepage can be one of the most important aspects of your website as if the first thing that is seen on Google as it performs its crawl. Your homepage is responsible for providing an overview of your business as well as a thorough guide for your customers on the navigation of your website. The strategy of producing a high-quality and optimize webpage means focusing on a few key factors:

Building Better Content

The initial impression that someone would get from your home page is extremely important. Google also creates its first initial impression when it indexes your site. The snippets that you use and the initial content that you present will act as a direct advertisement for prospective viewers and establish your authority in the market.


Backlinks from high authority websites make your website trustworthy. Building links is an essential aspect of building a home page and it’s also important to rank your page as highly as possible.

Keep Featured Blogs

If you have a blog on your page it can be extremely beneficial to add a featured blog to your homepage. This can improve site navigation and add more content on your homepage to help users access the content.

Adding an FAQ

Adding an FAQ can be important to helping your customers feel more confident about your brand and to add important answers about your company to the main page.

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Proper Navigation And Content Positioning

Building a homepage that is well optimized for the content positioning and four easy navigation can be very important as well. Every page in your website needs to have a strategy in your homepage likely has the strategy in mind of sending people to your “About” page for more verification on your company or sending them over to your sales page to turn them into paying customers. Consider the goals that you have for your content and then position it accordingly so that it flows with the rest of your website.

Consider these top tips for maximizing your homepage content in the future.

This post was written by Kristian D’An. Kristian is the owner and SEO Specialist at Lux Digital Marketing, a search engine optimization company. Kristian has been optimizing websites successfully for over 7 years. He has helped his clients achieve the #1 position on Google in several different industries.


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