GlobalTel Is Making Strides To Help Poor Families With Affordable Jail Calls

By: Aiza Gill

GlobalTel is a premier jail calling service. Everyday they help families reach the people who matter the most to them. Just visit the website and fill out the online form to get started. Once you complete the sign up process a representative will create your account and assign you a special jail call phone number. Use this number to reach the inmates with affordable calling rates far below the normal cost associated with GTL and Securus. Inmates who call these special jail call phone numbers get to talk long distance without the long distance rate. For those calling jail long distance this means savings hundreds of dollars a month on their phone bill. Inmate calling has never been easier or more inexpensive now that there is a company like GlobalTel offering a jail call service that lowers the cost of jail calls exponentially.

When you call with GlobalTel you get the assurance you are calling inmates without the expensive rates GTL and Securus normally charge. When you sign up you need to first have a GTL or Securus account. You will simply input your phone number in the GlobalTel system when you sign up and a representative will create the special number your inmate will call to reduce the charge. Call with this number and the long distance rate will be eliminated leaving you with a small bill each month for jail calls. When people need to call inmates across the US they call with GlobalTel to save money. Just call and you’ll talk for only the cost of a local jail call. When you live out of state from the inmate you are trying to reach there is no better way to talk than with GlobalTel’s jail calling service. Visit their website to learn more about the savings available to you and the cost of service. You’ll save money every month and never look back. Never overpay for these calls to or from inmates again. These rates are too high and can be considered criminal. Call with GlobalTel and eliminate these calling rates once and for all.

GlobalTel is the best way to call inmates across the US. Just sign up and reach the people who matter the most to you for a low rate every month. Inmate calling can be as inexpensive as it should be with smart solutions from GlobalTel. This jail call service comes with the assurance you need to save money. There is a policy of no strings attached when it comes to cancelling your service. Just visit the website, log in to your account, cancel the service, and you’ll never hear from them again. Saving money has never been easier when there is help only a click away. Get started with GlobalTel and save hundreds of dollars a month on jail calls. Inmates finally have a safe and secure way to reach those who matter the most to them. The last thing an inmate wants is to know that simply staying in touch with them is causing an undue burden on their families and friends calling long distance. Call jail with GlobalTel today.

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