Get Rid Of Spam And Unwanted Viruses With The Right Software

By: marysmith

Regardless of the size of your business, you know that anti-virus (AV) protection is one of the building blocks of your security menu. By securing your company’s operating systems, you slam the door on a number of potential IT leaks. Even tech-savvy users have been tricked into downloading malware or have been phished so do not learn a lesson about security after it is breached.

Besides AV protection, you also need to make sure you are safeguarded from spam. What some people do not realise is that a flood of spam is often the result of a virus. So, by installing the right software, you can receive AV and spam protection simultaneously.

Seeking an Anti-Spam Solution

Needless to say, in the business world of today, viruses and spam can keep an IT team on their toes. That is why many companies are moving to the cloud and seeking an anti-spam solution that requires less in-house management.

A hosted anti-spam solution filters out spam and malicious email before it arrives at your server. Therefore, a substantial reduction in bandwidth or storage demand is realised, which is a definite bonus for optimising space in a space-conscious society.

Keep Things Operational and Fight Spam at the Same Time

With a hosted anti-spam solution, you do not have to worry about a single point of failure impacting your company’s email server. A provider of cloud-based anti-spam software such as MailCleaner is able to use backup generators, Internet lines, and an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) to keep things up and running. Also, with a hosted solution, anti-spam algorithms are updated regularly.

After all, using AV and anti-spam protection in business is no longer an alternative: it is a necessity. If you wish to remain relevant and conduct business online, then you need to use the technology. Establishing better customer communications and enhanced security requires using the proper technological tools.

That is why a highly advanced anti-spam software features an arsenal of filters to keep your business spam-free. Whilst email correspondence is needed for operational communications, it can still expose a company to a number of risks. Unfortunately, the use of email permits spyware and viruses easy access to a company’s IT.

Preventing the Transmission of Unwanted Messages

Not only does the right software stop malware attacks but the spam filtering it employs ensures that almost all unwanted emails are blocked. If a harmful file is detected, the software automatically sends it to a quarantined area where it cannot cause further damage.

Anti-spam and AV packages are offered in several formats depending on the needs and size of a company. Spam filtering can be easily configured by changing the Domain Name Server (DNS) with the online Internet service provider. After this operation, all the mail is filtered through hosted servers that relay unwanted messages or viruses to a quarantine folder. This type of software can be installed in under 15 minutes so take the next measure in securing your OS. Whether you are looking for a virtual cloud or shared solution, you can upgrade your security and operate more efficiently.

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