Five Reasons to Hire Professional E-commerce Website Developers

By: marysmith

Having an e-commerce store can help your business dramatically increase its sales and build brand recognition. If you don’t currently have an e-commerce store, but are exploring the possibility of having one, you will need to have a website developed for your products. Here are five reasons to hire professional e-commerce developers to create an e-commerce website.

Experience Matters

Web development companies who are not experienced in e-commerce development will not be aware of all the intricacies involved in publishing an online store. Along with the design elements required for a regular website, e-commerce sites require proper evaluation, along with integrating extensions into the site, adapting for workflow, and working closely with merchants to ensure the site is what they wish it to be. If you are investing in online sales, don’t skimp on the website, as it is the hub of your company’s online presence.

Adaptable for Mobile Devices

Consumers were spent over 153 billion euros online in 2016, with 30% of those purchases being made via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs. Those figures are expected to increase this year and in the years to come as more people in the United Kingdom eCommerce agency begin to shop on their mobile devices. This requires your e-commerce store to be accessible via mobile phones, laptops, and tablets, as well as desktops, which an experienced ecommerce developer can do.

Ensures Product Availability

Hiring an e-commerce developer can help you ensure that products are always available to your customers, as developers can include ways to track inventory for the site. As products are sold, you can find out how many of each item you have left in your inventory so you can either place an order or increase production of those items. Along with inventory, developers will be able to analyse information from your site to determine if it is attracting the right type and amount of traffic to increase sales.

Provides Better Site Security

E-commerce sites of all sizes are targets for hackers looking to syphon funds from accounts and gather the financial data of your customers. Fortunately, e-commerce websites from the experts at Shape will make your site more secure, making it harder for hackers to access the data there. Developers will know the best security measures to take and patches to use to give customers peace of mind about using their credit or debit cards to make purchases on your site.

Allows You to Monitor Your Success

E-commerce developers have several ways to measure the success of online efforts to increase traffic to the website, convert web visitors, reduce the bounce rate, and increase the frequency of visits from customers. Analysing this information will help them find out which marketing strategies are working as well as how the site can be improved to increase sales and help bolster your profitability.

Although developing an ecommerce website can be expensive, it is a less expensive way for your business to expand its reach. It is far less expensive to make your products available online in another region of the UK or another country than it would be to build a brick-and-mortar location.

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