File Management Guide: 6 Amazing Online Tools of GogoPDF for Your PDF Files

File Management Guide: 6 Amazing Online Tools of GogoPDF for Your PDF Files

By: marysmith

Managing tons of PDF files seem to be requiring so much effort and time. However, as technology continues to evolve in response to everyone’s file needs, dealing with PDF documents now becomes painless and convenient. In fact, you can find many websites on the internet that can provide you with different tools you can use for your electronic files.

The most recommended site that most PDF users frequently visit is GogoPDF. It’s an online platform giving everyone access to its various helpful tools that will significantly help you manage all of your PDF files in a stress-free way. Here’s a list of the fantastic and popular tools that GogoPDF offers for free.

PDF Merger Tool

First on the list is the PDF merger tool of GogoPDF. The tool is best used for effective file organization. If you have tons of PDFs scattered in your computer file folders, you might experience a hard time locating a particular PDF document among other files that you can see on your device’s screen.

Hence, the tool will be of so much help to merge PDF files accordingly. You can combine multiple PDFs that have the same purpose or function. You can also merge those files you use for business, school, leisure, or work. You can group PDFs and give them a categorized label that will help you remember each file the next time you’ll need one in the future.

The goal of using this file merger of GogoPDF is to help you find a specific PDF document as quickly as possible. Hence, the tool will surely maximize your time in dealing with your PDF files.

PDF File Converter

A file conversion tool has been commonly used by many PDF users around the world. The tool converts your existing electronic file to a different format. GogoPDF lets you access this tool on its official website for free. One good thing about this online platform is that the file conversion process is quite easy and straightforward.

If you have files in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, you can convert them to PDF if you want a more fixed and stable format for these files. You can also process file conversion from HTML to PDF, PDF to PNG, PDF to JPG, and many other files available that you can convert to other formats. You can now visit the GogoPDF website to find other files for conversion that you may need in the future.

PDF Protect Tool

PDF file protect tool is one of the most popular tools to most new and long-time PDF users. The tool helps you keep all of your PDF files safe from unauthorized access at all times. It allows you to set up a secure password that limits access to your PDFs. All you need to do is to upload the PDF files on the protect tool of GogoPDF online.

Then, the system will require you to create a password, so you need to make a personalized one. You can incorporate different characters like numerals, letters, and other symbols that you want to use. The system will then start saving the password you made. After a couple of minutes, the encrypted PDF files are now ready for download.

PDF eSign Tool

Some documents require a signature for authenticity and validity reasons. However, it seems to be impossible when you’re using PDF files. No need to worry! GogoPDF has a specialized tool for adding a signature on any PDF documents. It’s a popular PDF eSign tool, and the process won’t take much of your time because it’s quite easy.

You can use the computer mouse or the touchpad to manually input your signature on the PDF files electronically. However, if this doesn’t work for you, you can choose the second option. If you have an image or photo of your signature in your computer file storage or smartphone, you can also use that by uploading it on the online eSign tool of GogoPDF.

After that, the system will save the signature you’ve successfully added to your PDF files. Once it’s finished, the newly signed PDFs are now ready for download. That’s how easy it is to sign your PDFs electronically in GogoPDF.


As mentioned above, dealing with tons of PDF files seems to require a lot of hard work and effort. However, the list of online tools of GogoPDF will surely be of so much help in making your file tasks done most conveniently and efficiently. Hence, if you haven’t explored any of these GogoPDF tools online, you better visit the website now and see the potential benefits you’ll enjoy in using the GogoPDF platform for your PDF files.

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