Everything You Need To Know About The Elder Scrolls: Blades

Elder Scrolls

If you are into RPGs, then you might want to try out The Elder Scrolls: Blades. The game was first released on iOS and Android devices, and they are planning to extend the game for virtual reality and console platforms. Here are the things you should know about this game:

Game Features

The central aspect that you’ll realize would be that the gameplay is fantastic, significantly concerning graphics. The graphics are among the finest which gamers will have on a mobile game, so there’s no doubt that Bethesda built a reasonably dynamic environment that has character arcs and many other features of the Elder Scrolls blade encounter.

Elder Scrolls: Blades is a first-person point-of-view game and is made best for smartphone devices. Compared to the usual Elder Scrolls games, like the Skyrim, Elder Scrolls: Blade is not an open-world game with vast storylines connected. The game only has a one-line story.


Abyss is a measure of the gamer’s resilience in an endless war with endless opponents. However, Abyss is not related to the game’s primary plot; however, it is nevertheless the perfect thing for gamers to develop skills and resources.

The Arena is a player-vs-player mode, which is just as it states on the tag. Two teams that are playing characters are fighting for dominance. Blades’ town mode is indeed the central mode for the game that contains storylines. It is a hub zone in which the user may seek and encounter non-playing characters to advance the game’s history.

The hub town for players begins due to an assault until the match starts and is being reconstructed and updated to open up further exploration and characters. Players may explore their buddies’ hub towns as well.

Leveling up

You power up in this game through accomplishing quests and slaying enemies, regardless of whether they are. For every stage you get into, your prizes and new abilities, guns, and equipment types would be unlocked and improved. When it comes to writing, every user may reach a maximum level of a hundred.

Earning Cash

There are several ways you could earn in this game, but only in quest games. Every time you accomplish a quest, slaying an enemy, and many more, you can earn gold or cash. You can even get more money in the Abyss game mode if you’re planning to spend your time making gold and cash.

You can also earn cash by opening chests. In The Elder Scrolls: Blades, you could have five kinds of these. You will find it in the Abyss or the shop: the elder, legendary, gold, wood, and silver are everything you can open.

Getting Equipment and Gears

Aside from the money you could get in the previously mentioned chests, you can also earn equipment and gears by opening them. Although you can have your weapons and equipment crafted by the blacksmith, the sufficient weapons you can get are through these chests.

You have to keep in the mind that the better the chest, the more expensive it costs. So, when you plan to purchase such things in the store, it can get costly and cost you so much in-game money.

You can also opt-in purchasing gems using real-life money. The rocks are the currency you use to purchase the Elder and Legendary chests. In other words, if you want to use real-life money, you are going to need to spend a minimum of 22 dollars. It is expensive, but if you are into the game, it can be worth it.


All games have it’s own pros and cons, and you can never know about them unless you see it for yourself or read a review about the game you want to play. We hope we have provided you with enough information you need to know about the game.

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