Escape From Tarkov – Crucial Tips & Tricks For Novice Players

Escape From Tarkov – Crucial Tips & Tricks For Novice Players

By: marysmith

Realistic & Hardcore online First-person shooter game like Escape From Tarkov requires strategies. This game is incorporated with different maps. To win difficult levels in Escape from Tarkov, one should learn about the map. You need to learn about a variety of important things like extracts, locations, stashes, loot, scav spawns & Map’s PMC. It has become a great way to enhance the overall chances of survival in EFT. If you have learned basic aspects of the map, one can focus on improving other important aspects of gameplay like looting efficiency & gunfight.

Scav runs the best way to save the money, especially when a player starting out in Tarkov. If you aren’t risking any gear in-game, then you can earn pure profit from a raid. Gears are a valuable part of Escape From Tarkov. You should avoid killing any scav during scav runs. Here I have recapitulated important information about Escape from Tarkov where you have a glance.

Enhance Profit

Different kinds of important things to keep in mind while looting. Firstly, you need to consider a safe and secure container. Players always keep important medical supplies in the safe container. Variety of medical supplies is available at nominal worth. It can be profitable to put the valuable loot in a safe container. A power supply is a valuable and rare item in Escape From Tarkov. The worth of power supply is 23k rubles. Make sure that you are using escape from Tarkov cheats properly that will improve the chances of winning the difficult levels in-game.

Ammo is important

Ammo is considered as the king in Escape From Tarkov, and it can deal with damage not weapons themselves. Ballistics in EFT is a little bit complicated. One has to summarize every kind of ammo in-game. If you don’t have much knowledge about weapons, then one should use offline mode. This mode doesn’t record anything that happens. You will able to shoot as much as you want in Escape From Tarkov. One can use offline mode to learn important things about maps.

Use Insurance

The most important tip for Tarkov beginner players is to invest money in insurance. It has become a great utilized by newer players for a variety of reasons. Insuring all of the important gears takes approximately 10K rubles, and If you already insured an item, then it will stay insured until you killed in-game. In case any player isn’t using the top-dollar item, then insurance can be an effective option for you.


If you have a long term goal, then it will help you in achieving short terms goals a little bit easier. The main goal of every player in Tarkov is to get a KeyTool. Key tools are considered as one of the most valuable items in Tarkov for a variety of reasons. It can easily hold up to approximately 16 keys.  Hence, one can easily take every key for a map that cost one space in a safe container. Keys are considered as the gateway to great loot. All you need to make it a goal to save almost 600k rubles. It can be a one of the great decision that you will make in Escape from Tarkov.

Complete important quests

Variety of quests is available in Escape From Tarkov. One has to pick up important items for various traders or to kill other operators. One can also unlock loyalty levels of new trader that will enable you to buy more items & get access to other things that needs a quest completion to unlock them quickly. If you are using escape from Tarkov cheats properly, then you can easily unlock a significant amount of resources in-game.

Don’t use MBSS Backpack

MBSS is available at nominal worth. However, it is cheap for a variety of reasons. If you are using this backpack, then it will not enable you to hold a lot of weapons that have proved that it has become a significant burden in games. If you are facing any complicated problem while finding a backpack, then one must opt for SCAV. It is little bit expensive tool but features the biggest boost in storage space.

Close The Doors

If you want to enter a building, then you don’t have to leave a trace. Whenever you are leaving any door open in a building, then it is clear sign that opponent that someone has been in the building. You need to keep all important doors close, so there are no loose ends when you are exploring the door. One can also use this strategy to the benefit by staying on the lookout. You should carry powerful guns so you can quickly kill enemies.

Listen Up

Escape From Tarkov

Sound is an integral part of Escape from Tarkov. Just in case you are playing the game with the volume turned down then you will surely miss out important information while playing a game. Enemies will make lots of noises while a variety of actions and telegraphing their movies. Variety of traders offers ComTac2 headsets that amplify crucial sounds within the game.

Enhance the metabolism

Metabolism is one of the most important skills in Escape from Tarkov. In case you want to max out skill then you will surely remember all of the physical abilities. One can easily max this skill pretty quickly.  You need to chow down all food that comes across, and it will surely boost the metabolism a little bit quicker. In case you are already finding yourself hurting for the more storage space then you can unload the weapon magazines. If you are facing complicated problems while winning the difficult levels in Escape From Tarkov, then you should use an escape from Tarkov cheats.

Conclusive Words

Lastly, these are important tips that will enable you to win difficult levels in Escape From Tarkov.  Scav runs are a little bit daunting to a lot of Tarkov players. If you are performing exceptionally well in Escape From Tarkov, then you can easily earn a lot of rewards.

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