How to Download Kik Messenger for Your MacBook

It was earlier that instant messaging app Kik messenger, was available only for smartphones and iPhones, but with the advancements made by software engineers in the app and with the help of emulators, it has now become possible to download the app for your PC or Mac laptops as well.

This app allows you to register or create an account on it, without asking for your phone number, hence ensuring your security in one way or another. The facility of group chat it provides can allow you to chat and share information with multiple people at the same time.

Amazing features

Because of the excellent and interesting features of Kik, it is widely used by people across the globe to connect with each other. This instant messaging app gives you an access to a platform, where you can text message your friends or can have a real time chat with them. You can also share pictures, graphics, videos, and many other files through this app.

It can be helpful for professionals as well, to connect with suitable people belonging to their field and share relevant information. Joining a community or an interesting chat can give you exposure to your field of interest and will keep you updated on the current happenings in the world.

Kik for PC, MacBook Pro and iMac

You may want to use this wonderful messaging app on your Mac laptops or PC for various reasons such as

  • Giving rest to your hand and fingers, which sometimes get tired and exhausted while using the phone for chatting
  • To have an enlarged and good video calling experience, which is not possible on phone and various other reasons.

Many people believe that this app works only on smartphones, and the people who are aware of the fact that, it can work on their Macbook and iMac as well, wonder about how to download Kik on Mac. To solve your problem, we are here with some of the useful solutions.

Role of emulators

To install Kik messenger on your brand new Mac laptop, you will need to have an android emulator installed in your MacBook. Emulators are the tools because of which devices like PC and MacBook become compatible for the download and installation of any app which is available for Android phones.

Method of installation

There are several emulators available, which can be downloaded to your Mac for the installation of Kik messenger or other Android apps. Bluestacks, Android, Manymo are some of the android emulators, by which you can install kik in your laptop easily.

Steps for Downloading Kik

  • With the assistance of Bootcamp available in your Mac device find and follow windows installing instructions. Proceed with the default settings.
  • Install windows on your Mac device and then visit the Bootcamp once more, to run windows.
  • After windows get started, you can go to Android and download a suitable Android Bluestacks emulator is preferred, to keep things easy and convenient.
  • Once you find the emulator download it. After downloading, install it successfully on your Mac device.
  • Once you are done with the emulator installation, you can go to the program and directly install Kik app on your Macbook or iMac and get started with this wonder instant messaging app on your device.

It is suggested to follow the instructions carefully, without skipping any of the steps to install Kik on your Mac device easily. Whenever you face a problem regarding windows in running Kik on your Mac laptop, it is advised to reinstall the window, to sort out the problem.

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