Instagram Stories on PC

Download Instagram Stories on PC

By: marysmith

Instagram stories are among the most used features of the platform. Millions of users share stories every day. These stories are deleted within 24 hours, actually reflecting the instant status of people. It’s actually the smartest way to download Instagram stories. Downloading the stories shared by Instagram profiles that you love and follow allows you to share them again.

Until recently, those who did not know how to download someone else’s Instagram story were taking screenshots while looking at the story. During the story watching, taking screenshots sent notifications to the other party, which most people did not like. For Instagram story download we will talk about a very simple and program-free method. With this method, you will not be asked for a password when downloading someone else’s Instagram stories, so you will be able to download unlimited stories freely without having your account stolen.

How to Download Instagram Story on PC?

  • First log in to your device browser.
  • A search bar will appear on the page that appears, type in the user name of the person whose Instagram story you want to download.


  • Browse the Instagram stories after selecting the correct profile from the results. If a person shared an Instagram story in the last 24 hours, you can watch and download it.

• To download someone else’s Instagram story in the last step, simply click the Download button in the lower right corner of the story. You can try Followers Gallery to get free Instagram likes and followers in a safe and easy way.

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