Do Social Media Comments Really Matter?

Do Social Media Comments Really Matter?

If you have an online business, are an influencer, or a YouTuber, you obviously know the value of likes and shares, but what about social media comments? Do comments also matter?

Well, comments are a sign of brand popularity. You must have seen social media pages of big companies and brands and even celebrities, with tons of comments that suggest their popularity.

Followers on your social media platforms help you to increase the popularity of your business. If you are new and struggling to increase your followers and thereby popularity then you can also go for professional social media promotion services. For example, if you want to enhance your Instagram presence by increasing followers, you can go for the best organic Instagram growth service like SimplyGram. Let us know the reasons why social media comments really matter.

The Power of Comments

To promote your account comments are even more important than likes and subscriptions. Write a comment under an Instagram photo and be sure that the person will notice you.

I always notice comments on my photos. For example, I haven’t been to Instagram for half a day, and when I go there, I see that I have 10 subscribers, 89 likes on the photo and 2 comments. And the first thing I do is look at those comments, what have they written to me.

Comments are divided into the 3 most common types: compliment, question, statement. Let’s say you see a photo of a girl in a beautiful dress. Girls usually write in the comments, “Nice dress, I want one too!” – It’s a compliment. Or a question: “Where did you buy such a cool dress?” Or a third option, that is just a statement. “Cute collection, I also want such-and-such collection,”

The most important thing is to respond to comments on Instagram under your photos. There’s no point in keeping your account one-sided. Websites like Instagram are first and foremost, social networks, not places to store your content. People comment on your photos, they spend their time, and you have to reciprocate the attention. If you’re desperate for time, as a last resort, your assistant can respond to comments. But it’s a must-do – respond to comments. I respond to them personally, by the way.

If you practice one-sided use of Instagram or Facebook, if you don’t communicate there, you won’t gain many followers, unless, of course, you’re some kind of screen star. Some Instagrammers have 9,000 followers and others have only a thousand. And the difference between them is not in the quality of content but in the quality of communication. Someone just posts content and leaves, and the other responds to questions in the comments, he himself participates in the discussion.

So if you just post pictures on Instagram or any other social network and leave comments unanswered, not only will you not gain many subscribers, but you might even lose those who are subscribed to your account.

Always remember that social networks are meant for communication, and you need to communicate there, give likes, subscribe to people, comment on photos. And then the number of your followers will constantly grow.

Social media comments can impact perceptions

Get genuine feedback:  Comments give power to consumers, as they can share their feedback directly with the brand. People share their opinions on social media platforms, and they can share their views about the products and services as well. So, comments help companies get feedback from their customers through comments. As a result, companies know if their products and services need any improvement or not. Accordingly, companies can decide their future strategies to meet customers’ expectations.

Reply to negative comments: If you want to know audience sentiment, then you need to see the comments of the users. When companies or individuals reply to the comments, it helps build trust and credibility. However, not all the comments are positive and how one responds to negative comments is essential and tricky as well.  Nonetheless, negative comments about business or products must not be ignored or left unanswered; a suitable reply must be given. At the same time, negative comments should be dealt with carefully as they can ruin the reputation of your brand, and it is always best to handle the negative comments quickly with proper clarification.

Know audience demographics: People often express their views and ideas about the things they see, use, or read about on social media. These viewpoints of customers help companies and online businesses understand audience demographics as well. As a marketer, you can access demographic information about your followers and change your marketing strategy according to this data.

Get loyalty by connecting to the audience: Building a brand is a mutual thing. You cannot build a brand in a vacuum. You got to establish a connection with your customers, clients, users. You need to step in the shoes of your customers and think about what they want. Make them interested through offers and discounts. Customer surveys also work great. However, here we are talking about comments on social media, and they offer a wonderful opportunity to connect with your audience and get their loyalty. When companies reply to user comments suitably and take their issues and suggestions seriously, it goes a long way to convert potential and existing customers into loyal customers.

Final Words

Social media comments are emerging very powerful these days whether it is knowing the customers’ mindset and expectations, getting new customers, or enhancing the existing customer base. Thus, businesses must take social media comments seriously and respond appropriately. In terms of social media marketing, the comment under each post is a response to the post, which means that, according to the theory of remembering information, sooner or later, people will remember the post that they commented on and will become interested in the product or service offered in that post.

In most cases, comments play a role in drawing attention to an issue or an idea. Because we always try to listen to the opinions of people in authority, older people, more knowledgeable ones and those who just comment. That is psychology, so do not underestimate the power of comments.

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