Designing Custom Banners For Parade To Attract Spectators

Designing Custom Banners For Parade To Attract Spectators

By: marysmith

Parades are for fun but they are great for engaging your attendees. Therefore, organizations find it just right to enhance their popularity and promote brands. For instance, you can participate in event or holiday parades to make the most of a big crowd. However, you need a custom banner made through a professional company to expose your organization. Therefore, you need to have a good focus when designing custom banners for parades.

You can rely on any material to design a good banner, such as paper, vinyl, or cloth. If you want to know the longevity of the banner, it depends on the weather of your area and the method of storage.

  • Printing Vinyl Banner

When it comes to a re-usable parade banner, a vinyl banner printing solution offers the best choice as it is affordable and lasts longer. All you need is to hose the banner down with water and clean the smudges using a sponge and soap. For customizing the banner, you can choose any color. The printing solution makes it easy to store the banner and prevents the weather elements more than paper or cloth.

  • Cloth or Banner

When it comes to choosing between cloth or paper banner, here is what you need to consider.

  1. Paper or photo paper is the cheapest material to print for custom banner.
  2. For paper banners, you need a cardboard or a hard material as backing.
  3. Paper can become wet or the ink may go easily.
  4. It is not very easy to maintain the efficacy of a paper banner in storage.
  5. For parade banner, paper is a quick and one-time solution
  6. Felt or any other heavy-duty cloth material is suitable for banners.
  7. A custom banner made from fabric lasts for several years and naturally a one-time solution.
  8. Banner made from cloth often develop mildew or mold when it stays wet for a long time.
  9. Custom cloth banners take time to prepare and heavy for people holding it.

Designing Custom Banners

If you want to advertise your brand in a parade, read the points below to know what to do.

  • When designing banners for parades, use printed pens, branded items, or whistles.
  • You must try to create an impressive banner with plenty of graphic design work as slow movement of traffic make the viewing easy.
  • Regardless of the method you chose for banner printing, you must consider how much white space to reserve, coordination of colors, and a theme to match the parade.
  • For repeat parades, you must change the banner and try to do a better job with the new one as people vowing the banners are most likely to remember the previous one.
  • When designing the parade banner, be sure to remember the day and choose colors that resonate with the occasion.
  • If you are trying to promote an educational organization, you must include the colors of school logo.

A parade offers an excellent opportunity of sponsoring your business as you can make your organization visible to thousands of people participating in it. As you need not spend a lot of money for designing parade banners, embrace this option to promote your brand.

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