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Considering Installing a Spy App: The Merits of Reading App Reviews (You Must Read This)

By: marysmith

Are you a small business owner? If so, are you dreading your monthly mobile phone bills?

Contrary to popular opinion, your phone bills do not have to be the single expense that comes close to ruining you financially.

Mobile Phone Monthly Costs: What They Should Be In Relation To What They Are

2018 statistics show that mobile broadband costs in the USA are among the highest in the world. A report published by Rewheel, a Finnish research company, shows that the US market had the fifth-highest smartphone data price per GB in the world.  Even though US data bundle prices dropped by 41% in the second semester of 2018, data prices were still higher than the EU countries and the countries part of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Further research showed that the total cost of “mobile enablement” for a standard two-year mobile phone contract is about $1 817 per employee. When broken down to annual and monthly figures, the numbers are as follows:

  • $908.50 per employee per annum
  • $75.71 per employee per month.

If you have 10 employees, the average mobile phone cost is ten times the individual amount, so you’ll be paying $757,10 per month. And, it is easy for people to underestimate the length of time they talk on the phone; therefore, driving costs up, and before you know it, you have a phone bill that is between 30% and 50% more what you budgeted for.

Therefore, let’s consider what measures you can implement to reduce your company phone bills.

Installing A Spy App

The best way to monitor and control smartphone use is to install an app like a spy app that monitors, records, and tracks all smartphone usage. This includes aspects how to spy on Messenger conversations, phone calls, text messages, instant messaging platforms, and Internet usage.

How do you determine what brand to install on your phones?

The succinct answer is that you look at app reviews like the kik spy apps.

These reviews usually consist of a detailed description of the app’s features, it’s pros and cons, the cost to purchase a license per phone, its user interface and usability, as well as problems reported by users.


Therefore, the merits of looking at several apps on the same review site must not be underestimated. Here are a few reasons why it is a good idea to use the same review site for to consider the pros and cons of different spy apps and which one to choose.

Comparing Apples With Apples

Spy App

Each review site evaluates different components of the apps it has decided to assess. Therefore, various websites offer a different perspective on each app. If you look at different apps on different sites, you will not be able to evaluate them effectively.

In-Depth Evaluation

Some review websites only provide a brief overview of the apps it chooses to review. On the other hand, other sites offer an in-depth discussion of aspects like the app description, its pros, and cons, and well as what other customers think of the app.

Therefore, should you wish to know everything about a particular app, it’s essential to look for a website that offers an in-depth review.

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