Should I Have a Computer Programmer on Staff at My Company

By: marysmith

If you’ve started your own company, you may be wondering if you should hire a computer programmer as one of your staff members. The answer all depends on the type of business you’re running and the different business-related needs you have. If you’re using computers regularly to get work done for the business, it may be in your best interest to hire a computer programmer who can help with many tasks that you may not be familiar with handling on your own.

Before choosing to hire one of these individuals, it’s important for you to understand some of the key responsibilities of a computer programmer. Once you know a bit more about what these professionals are capable of doing, you may then decide if you need to hire one of these professionals to work for your business.

What Does a Computer Programmer Do Each Day?

The exact roles and responsibilities of computer programmers will vary based on where they’re working. Not all programmers have the same kind of workload each day because different businesses have different needs, but all programmers can expect to handle tasks that involve them working behind a computer. A computer programmer is someone who can download essential programs on your computer and make sure they’re up-to-date on a regular basis. Sometimes errors occur that could lead to a lot of frustration in the office, and that is when a programmer could really come in handy for you.

Troubleshooting Problems

If a program isn’t working correctly and it’s a program you need to use, the computer programmer could get to the bottom of the issue, figuring out why something isn’t opening, loading, or doing what it’s supposed to do and then fixing the errors found within the program. Not everyone understands how to complete these kinds of tasks and if you’re not too familiar with some of the programs you’re using, it’s better to have a professional there to explain things to you while helping you out.

Can you even imagine how much time you’d waste trying to troubleshoot different software on your own if you don’t even have much experience with troubleshooting at all? It could take up your whole day and you could still end up getting nowhere with it, which would kill productivity for the day. Instead of dealing with something that may be frustrating to you, it makes the most sense to hire a computer programmer as a staff member who can take care of any frustrating program/software issues you may come across while you’re running your business.

Testing Out Applications

In addition to reviewing assorted programs and fixing any of the bugs that could potentially occur at any given moment, a computer programmer can take on the responsibility of testing out applications you may use or are planning to put out for your customers to use on their mobile devices. For example, if you’re running a retail business, you may want to have an app created to make it that much easier for customers to browse through the products you’re selling, add items to their cart, and then purchase those items through the app instead of visiting the traditional website. In that case, you may have someone developing the app for you, but different bugs and issues can arise over time that would need to get fixed.

When the app isn’t working correctly, it’s difficult for potential customers to use it to make purchases and that could cause you to lose out on some of your business because then the customers would get frustrated. However, if you have a computer programmer working as a staff member, you could have him or her help you out with any of the potential issues that arise while reviewing the application, going through it to check for errors, and then fixing any possible errors to get the app running smoothly for you and everyone else. If you didn’t have a programmer there to fix these kinds of issues at a fast pace, it could take you such a long time to fix different issues with the app.

Hiring an Employee or a Freelancer: Which Is Better?

Now that you know why it’s important to work with a computer programmer when running a business, you have the option of hiring someone to work part-time or full-time for you as an employee or you could choose to hire a freelancer to work for you on a contract basis. If you know you’re going to need help with a lot of computer-related tasks that a programmer has experience with and would be able to assist you with regularly, it may be best for you to hire the individual as an employee who comes into the office to help out each day with various tasks, such as reviewing programs, applying updates to programs, testing codes, and fixing errors.

If you don’t need help with these kinds of tasks as often but you do need help with the tasks at certain times, hiring a freelancer to help when needed on a contract basis may be better for you. For example, you could come to an agreement with the freelancer to pay a set fee to him or her based on the specific services you need help with at certain times. It’s easier than ever before to find people who are willing to provide these services at affordable rates online. The great thing about computer programmers is that they can often handle assorted tasks remotely and won’t necessarily have to come into the office to help.

A computer programmer is an experienced, trained professional who has a thorough understanding of software and coding. Programmers often take on such important roles for various businesses. If you know you’re going to need help with software, knowing how does fpga programming work, and coding, you should hire one of these professionals. Make sure you’re hiring someone who has a lot of knowledge and experience to ensure the tasks you’re going to need help with are always getting done correctly and quickly enough.

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