Choosing Smart Solutions For The Wealth

Choosing Smart Solutions For The Wealth

By: marysmith

What the worker’s hand does, the dead wealth in the hands of the capitalist cannot do. Neither the mines, nor the land, nor the oil fields, nor the companies bought at a gift price from the State can transform themselves into merchandise. For all this to produce wealth, and a wealth greater than that originally invested, the land must be cultivated, the mine exploited, the oil extracted from the bosom of the earth, and so on. And that can only be done by the hand of the worker. You can See Douglas’ reviews here and have the best deal.

  • The “master Marx”, then, was not wrong when he said that it is a universal law of capitalist society that the wealth accumulated by the owner of a company comes, always and only, from unpaid work to the salaried worker, which he called surplus value.
  • Although he also did not forget to say that, Just as the capitalist cannot obtain profits without the work of the worker, the worker cannot produce anything without the elements that the capitalist puts at his disposal in the workshop, nor can he maintain his life and that of his own without the salary that he pays.

The Capitalist

Come to say now that in Mexico “this does not apply” because here the wealth of the upper classes is a pure gift of the government, it surprises and worries because in addition to a serious error of theory, it entails an injustice and a danger.

  • The injustice lies in the fact that the role of the capitalist and the worker in the production process of society’s life is denied, turning them into simple social parasites. And hence the danger, since a parasite is not only expendable; it is harmful and must be eradicated. What will Mexico become without investors or productive private investment in a social capitalist configuration? What country of our time lives without them? And the workers? Will we only give them something out of compassion and humanism, but not because they contribute something to society?

The role of the state in the economy has been known since the Greeks of the century of Pericles. But its action does not produce wealth, but only redistributes it, it generates inequality, but not additional wealth. The expert for example, says: “Much of the inequality that exists today is a consequence of government policies, both for what it does and for what it does not do”. Cosmos Atom Online Wallet

And it says more: it accuses the upper classes, North wallet for lumens stellar and the world of being, rather than producers of wealth, “rent seekers”, that is, persecutors of profits that come not from their productive activity, but from speculative maneuvers and, precisely, of overt or covert government handouts.

Subsidies Destroy Wealth Creation

In this context, subsidies of any kind do nothing other than distort the main indicator of wealth creation, making, in many cases, net-destroying processes of wealth appear as wealth-producing activities simply by conferring on said activity a contrived business profit.

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