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Can’t Find A Standing Desk With Drawers? There’s A Reason

By: marysmith

The desk that you are using right now may be broken or damaged, or old or anything, but it has one plus point, and that is that it has drawers. One of the major things that make us spend way too much on a desk is its storage capacity in the name of drawers. Working in a corporate, filing cabinets and drawers become a necessity as you grow higher in your firm. That is because working say anywhere requires paperwork and documentation.

Not everything can be stored online or on a PC, and that is precisely the reason why one needs drawers. When thinking of shifting from an old, traditional desk to a standing desk, drawers become a major concern. Because no matter how many health benefits or movement advantages a standing desk provides, at the end of the day, it all goes near to null if the desk does not have storage capacity because not everything can be placed on the surface of the desk. Now, one might wonder why a standing desk does not come equipped with drawers.

Well, There Are Several Reasons For It.

  1. The weight– Drawers happen to come heavy. The limitation with the standing desk is that its legs cannot bear as much weight. As in, with the top surface being heavy, the weight of the drawers becomes a major add- which can lead to a limited lifetime of a desk as there are chances that it might either break or the legs may not be able to extend their heights.
  2. Limited use of the storage capacity– As the drawers will be built in such a way that the legs would pass through the drawers; it renders limited storage capacity because much of the storage is being utilized by the legs themselves. So, the main purpose of buying a standing desk with drawers gets defeated.
  3. It May is not understandable– If one is buying a DIY Standing Desk, then the person may not be able to understand how the drawers are supposed to be attached to the desk. Sometimes, an instruction sheet fails to help. That way, even if you do order one desk which comes with drawers, you may not be able to understand the whole procedure of attaching it with the desk, which leads to a sheer waste of a lot of hard- earned money.

There Is Always A Solution

While these are some of the reasons why standing desks do not come equipped with drawers, there are some online stores that will provide you with the same, but then it will cost you a lot. Amongst a few options available, there is one option to be mobile drawers with the same framework that your desk shares. Websites like Autonomous have mobile drawers featured on their sites, which turn out to be very useful. These drawers are of goof height and can easily be placed under the desk without taking much space.

Multi-Utility At Its Best

They are not only spacious, but they also help a lot by being a seat to unexpected visitors. This whole package becomes extra convenient when one opts for buying a motorized standing desk as both the drawers and the desk can be moved together, and with the high qualifications of the product, the height of the drawers will never be a problem. Apart from this, one can also pair a standing desk with an ergonomic chair as the chair facilitates comfort, and if suppose the person gets tired of standing for the whole day, the chair can become the day savior.

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