Guide in Great Details to Build a Mobile App by Custom Software Development Team for SMEs in 2021

Guide in Great Details to Build a Mobile App by Custom Software Development Team for SMEs in 2021

By: marysmith

In Covid-19 period, the time-on-screen of smart device’s users is sharply increasing, and custom mobile app development is becoming a promising industry in 2021. Most local brands have planned to launch their service apps. But is it really profit-driving? How to reduce its cost?

You want to leverage your business to a whole new level with the help of tailor-made mobile apps. However, reliable and stable custom mobile app development requires a high-tech engineer’s extreme determination, patience, and skills. And this fact may lead you to assume that tailor-made mobile apps are much more costly than ready-made ones.

If you do not find the right solution, you’d better read our article. Not only will it show you the answer to how to create a custom mobile app with a low budget but also provide you with a guide to choosing suitable distribution ways to get the right target users who will be satisfied and buy your services.

Define Budget and Goals

In fact, the cost of making apps depends on the number of apps downloads. It is calculated to app development fees, app marketing app as well as the maintenance fee in monthly. According to a Clutch survey, the median cost to build mobile apps ranges from shy of 38000 to 171000 dollars but it may climb to half of million dollars because of how complex the app functions or marketing budget.

If you outsource mobile app developers, app development costs much less than hiring an in-house development team. First, the cost of training an in-house team is very high. Furthermore, the expertise of the experts you outsource will also be much more profound. From there, you can rule out the risk of your custom apps going wrong somewhere and having to pay through the nose to fix it.

Elaborate on Requirements

It’s true that the more features you want to add to your app, the higher the cost. To avoid wasting money on really unnecessary features, make sure you have a specific idea and a thorough understanding of the features that will benefit your business.

It would be best if you write down all the planned work and prepare a document for them as well. This helps your custom mobile app development team understand requirements correctly and avoids fundamental errors and future risks that will cost you extra money.

Build to get Feedbacks


Building a prototype version of your mobile app will do you good as it minimizes the price you have to pay for your failure. This trial version is a way to test whether the user is satisfied with your product or not. To create an interactive prototype, you can opt for tools like Adobe XD or Invision.

After customers experience the first version of the custom mobile app, they will give you feedback. However, don’t rush to do the same with the feedback to please the customers, as this can be a money-wasting and time-consuming process if you don’t handle it properly.

Consider feedback as the hints, not the compulsory orders. Use statistics from app metrics or analytics tools to check whether the customers still spend much of their time with your app, regardless of the lack of their required features or not.

Prioritize Features for MVP Software

In the opinion of the software MVP development guide, an MVP is nearly an official app, but it only publishes within a narrow range of users. This process is challenging because you have to regard the feedback as the compulsory orders instead of the hints. Your mission is to follow the customer’s request but still keep your specific trademark on the product. If you develop a decent MVP, you can save much time and money for further steps. There are some tips to make your custom mobile app MVP version almost perfect:

Constant Updates And Bug-Fixing:

It would help if you had a team to spend their time removing bugs on your apps and deliver the latest update to the app. In this way, the customers will be satisfied with the custom app developers’ care and respect.

Take Advantage Of The Most Optimal Technologies:

No one wants to be backward while working in the high-tech field. Therefore, you should opt for the most modern and practical technologies for your apps, from the theme to the codes.

Keep Your Customer’s Data Confidential:

Nowadays, we read and hear so much news about the theft of users’ data via improper security of high-tech software. You should avoid following guidance from susceptive developers.

Choose The Suitable Distribution Model

Regardless of what purpose your custom mobile app serves, you need to pick the right distribution model if you want a stable and growing development. There are two distribution models for a mobile app: via the OS store or the download link on your website.

By choosing relevant distribution platforms, you can save many monthly or annual fees (~USD$99) for displaying your mobile app. Many customers can also download your app straightforwardly.

Bottom Lines

Though custom mobile app development is quite costly at first, it does wonders for your business in the long run. We have summarised some notes you should take to achieve success in the mobile-app-developing field and reduce the cost as well. Be determined, devoted, imaginative, and professional; success will find you.

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