Bitcoin Begins To Take Its Flight As Its Price Starts To Rise

Bitcoin Begins To Take Its Flight As Its Price Starts To Rise

By: marysmith

We have been facing a somewhat turbulent market recently, which makes all the eyes of investors focus on what will happen to Bitcoin and its value in the coming months. has hit a pretty low floor that has unfortunately triggered multi-million dollar losses for many people.

Now we are facing the possibility that the bearish phase will end and that a new growth process will open in the price of Bitcoin and, of course, in the projects and the digital financial market.

We have seen how the prestigious digital currency has gone from worth $47,000 to practically less than $19,000, which undoubtedly causes a significant impact not only at the level of funds and capital but also at the emotional level of investors and holders of crypto assets.

Retail Is The Option To Increase The Value

After inflation that is notably affecting various sectors of the world’s economy and finances, we find ourselves before a scenario that, for many, could be taken advantage of by retail businesses, contributing to the increase in the price of Bitcoin.

The costs per transaction that retail businesses must pay are considerably high because they not only operate through traditional tools such as debit or credit cards but also by using electronic commerce.

These commissions could be between 2.9% and 3.6% for each operation, which, compared to payments with Bitcoin, could represent only 1.5%.

For many traders, the idea is interesting as it would increase their profits.

Accepting payments with Bitcoin would not only contribute to the owners of retail companies, but it would also increase the value of this digital asset that is precisely not going through its best moment.

The adoption of cryptocurrencies as a payment method worldwide could even downplay the impact of financial institutions in handling money since operations would be carried out digitally without intermediaries.

The need for regulation is becoming more and more latent; only many users assume that they could represent a change concerning the initial concept for which Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies were created.

As long as aspects add to and benefit the ecosystem while maintaining their decentralized characteristics, they may be seen more from the point of view of adding value than diminishing properties and benefits.

Financial Indicators Pointing Rise Of Bitcoin

Bitcoin begins recovery after market turbulence -

Moving averages are the indicators that can help determine the possible change in a trend or where the price of a particular financial asset is expected to move over time.

Well, since this indicator is used in the traditional financial market, it also applies to the digital market; it is pretty interesting for those who are dedicated to trading cryptocurrencies when they usually analyze the graphs before the current period and can find points of unity where the difference can be evidenced phase that Bitcoin is going through.

The moving average of 50 and 100 are the ones that traders usually use to confirm the change in trend and the possible end of some stage when the moving average of 50 crosses downwards with the moving average of 100, a phenomenon known as the death cross.

These two mobiles are considered as a consequence that they allow to visualize quite extensive temporalities where the movements in the price have been diverse and allow to visualize the changes much more clearly.

The long term is usually the best ally when analyzing specific movements in the development of a cryptocurrency concerning its price; possibly, you will not become a millionaire using indicators; the exciting thing is to make the appropriate entries or exits to obtain the expected benefits.

Bitcoin has possibly not reached its minimum point, but if the price is lateralized. It is estimated that it can reach $17,000 as a minimum price; this pair of indicators will find itself achieving the crossing that will indicate the price rise and be able to get new all-time highs.


Bitcoin has shown on several occasions how it has hit quite important lows, where many do not expect this crypto active to decrease its value and later develop a rebound effect that generates profitability for all investors.

Some experts suggest that it is the perfect time to invest in Bitcoin since its prices are relatively low. It is expected to achieve a balance point between the historical maximum reached in its last stage and create a new historical maximum that benefits short and long-term users.

Investors are waiting since a change in trend and recovery of the crypto market could be approaching; more essential data can be found in Bitcoin-Prime trading system

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