Best Homekit Light Switches Compatible With Apple

Best Homekit Light Switches Compatible With Apple

By: marysmith

Apple HomeKit is an integrated iOS app that runs on iPhones and allows you to control all of your connected smart home devices from one app. For example, you will see a homeKit light switch when you buy the appliances because it is a well-known and friendly option for many. By using HomeKit, you can also use Siri to voice-command your smart home appliances, such as smart lights, from your phone.

This article discusses our top picks for the best Apple Homekit-compatible intelligent light switches. The list includes normal on/off smart light switches and smart dimmers, which are compatible with the application.

How Do Smart Light Switches for HomeKit Operate?

They operate in two main ways. First, one type of smart light switch connects directly to your wifi network and then, after being installed using the iOS app, connects to HomeKit through the app on your phone. So you can simply set it up and install it to buy the HomeKit compatible light switches and don’t need any kind of home control hub.

The two types of homekit light switches are:

1. Caseta Smart Dimmer Kit by Lutron

All the Lutron Caseta smart light switch dimmers are connected to a single hub, which can control any additional Caseta smart light switches you add to the system. The hub establishes a connection with your network and may be managed locally or remotely using the app and wifi.

The Caseta smart dimmers can also be used with Caseta pico remote controls, which are battery-operated yet have the same appearance as regular light switches.

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2. Leviton Smart Light Switch (On/Off Style) with HomeKit Compatibility

This Leviton smart light switch functions similarly above mentioned smart light switch on this list. Most of the time, the manufacturers are the same and use the Leviton app, which is compatible with HomeKit, much like the dimmer switch.

This is identical in every way except that this one is not a dimmer switch. So if you decide to replace most of your light switches with Leviton Smart Dimmer Light Switches, this one will blend in well.

This HomeKit smart light switch connects to your home’s normal wifi network and does not require a smart home hub to function.


Know that when searching for the best switch to put up in your home, you will come across multiple options. However, you should look for the one with the best features and compatible with your current system. For example, if you use iOS, then the options mentioned above are great to look at.

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