Best Hard Drive Data Recovery Software (Windows & Mac)

Best Hard Drive Data Recovery Software (Windows & Mac)

SalvageData is one of the best choices for disk data recovery. If files are deleted, corrupted, or format is changed due to some reason, it can recover files from memory cards, flash drives, SD cards, internal and external hard drives, optical media, and more. If the formatted hard disk or USB flash drive is not fully damaged yet, it can be accessed and stored simply through data recovery software.


The salient features of easy recovery data are:

  1. Comprehensive Data Recovery Option

Accidentally deleted files can be retrieved either with the help of reformatting or data recover software, for example, an attack of a virus.

  1. Deep Scan

Lost files can be retrieved through the immediate scan.

  1. Easy Data Management

SalvageData data recovery helps secure data. It assists the management of corrupted files or deleted folders/files.

SalvageData Easy Recovery Performance

Easy data recovery is remarkably significant for backups and performing data recovery. On selecting a drive/ volume for scan, easy data recovery targets data of the volume’stable of partition for exhibiting partitions that were deleted. To recover any further missing data, the block-to-block scan can be done for the formatting of the media.

Bad blocks can be diagnosed and categorize the scanned data by type through advanced diagnostics. Moreover, the desired file, partition, or any folder can be selected for scanning purpose to trace the data from the damaged files/drives. After scanning, the destination for storage of the recovered data can be chosen. Easy Recovery produces one set of recovered data. Further copies and backups can be created on your own.

SalvageData Easy Recovery Efficiency:

In the case of SalvageData Easy Recovery 1GH processor and 512 MB, RAM is suitable to work with. The file of the product which is executable ought to have a size of less than 100MB. A further requirement is an additional space for storage of backed up files. The automatic scan is also accessible through SalvageData Easy Recovery that can help monitor the maintenance situation of the hard drives.

SalvageData Easy Recovery Support

SalvageData Easy Recovery support is ready in 28 dialects (languages)  in multiple corporate headquarters which attend particular international areas. Whenever any tech assistance is required, one can select the country and language by calling a toll-free landline number for common concerns or reach out to the technology assistance squad. An extensive user’s FAQ plus an easily understandable job tracking network creates an easy pattern for searching the knowledge that is needed.

Pros and Cons of SalvageData Easy Recovery

Nonetheless, you are a domestic used, a small or a gigantic corporation, SalvageData Easy Recovery proves to be helpful for retrieval of lost data, damaged files, a recreation of destroyed media and file to file deep scan of the system.

Its usage is quite easy, and all the categories are reasonably priced i.e., home plan, premium plan, and professional plan. It presents a good combination of recovery tools and is an all-rounder in the field of hard drive data recovery.


  • Various storage devices are also supported by SalvageData Easy Recovery.
  • Makes recovery of photos, videos, and documents quite manageable.
  • Coordinates for the preview of outcomes before complete retrieval of data.
  • Retrieval of files after the following damages is possible.
  1. Deletion
  2. Formatting
  3. Damage of hard disk
  4. Corruption of files


  • Data entry in the form of personal information is necessary for the download of the software.


The units of the Salvage Data customer service squad supervise it regularly. Innumerable individuals call when help is needed after an unexpected loss or damage of data. Usually, the conversations reveal that the work can be done without professional assistance. In case the hard disk or USB flash drive is not destroyed physically, it is possible to retrieve the data from software through a simple procedure.

A pivotal point to be focused on is that I should be made sure to act smart and calm after the damage of data and not to work for long on a damaged drive.

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